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Brush & Spring
Fix Number FIX10173724
Manufacturer Part Number 450374-12
This is a brush and spring for your power tools. This brush is sold individually, and two are needed for most power tools. We recommend replacing both brushes together for an even wear. When your brush wears down it will greatly affect your motor function by reducing the power and electric braking. When making this repair we recommend inspecting the armature for cracks or visible damage that would mean other motor problems. Carbon brushes are the most commonly replaced power tool part. This part is meant to wear out over time through the constant contact.
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Cord Protector
Fix Number FIX10166291
Manufacturer Part Number 148809-00
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Power Cord - 8', 18 Gauge, 2-Wire
Fix Number FIX10169907
Manufacturer Part Number 330077-98
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Carbon Brush and Lead
Fix Number FIX10183918
Manufacturer Part Number 655213-02
This part includes one carbon brush with wire lead in attached rubber sheath. Your tool will have two carbon brushes, so it is a good idea to inspect both and replace them at the same time. This carbon brush is compatible with various types of tools, such as drills, impact drivers, and impact wrenches, to name a few. This carbon brush is sourced directly from the manufacturer, ensuring the proper fit with your equipment. It is most commonly replaced due to a poorly performing engine, and is a common wear part that should be checked regularly.
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Fix Number FIX10184189
Manufacturer Part Number 696631-00
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Fix Number FIX10169645
Manufacturer Part Number 330004-02
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Fix Number FIX11924891
Manufacturer Part Number 086947-00
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Detent Pin
Fix Number FIX10187196
Manufacturer Part Number N020802
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Detent Spring
Fix Number FIX10165211
Manufacturer Part Number 038769-00
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Fix Number FIX10173616
Manufacturer Part Number 449524-00

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