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Air Compressor Kit
4 Reviews
Fix Number FIX10048100
Manufacturer Part Number K-0650
This kit is an OEM part direct from Craftsman for air compressors. This kit consists of the parts for building a piston cylinder in the compressor. It is recommended that you release air and unplug the air compressor before you install this kit. You will need a wrench set to replace this part. This kit includes two o-rings, piston ring clamp screw and the cylinder tube. This kit is made of metal and rubber components.
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O-ring Kit
Fix Number FIX10042509
Manufacturer Part Number ACG-45
In Stock
Fix Number FIX10042312
Manufacturer Part Number AC-0108
Installation Instructions
Steven from Darlington, SC
Air compressor was over heating and wouldn't restart after the first shut off.
Remove 1 Torx screw on end where air feeds into tank itself. Remove 2 Torx screws on other end. Pry cover apart. There are tabs that hold cover together. Remove screw that holds fan on. (my fan had dry rotted and had fallen off) Move shaft to lowest position and turn fan where hole is at the bottom. Slide onto shaft and replace bolt. Spin fan by hand to make sure it will rotate without going outside of where the cover will be when it is replaced. Put back cover on and replace the single screw. Snap front cover on and replace last 2 screws. You should be done. Plug up compressor and make sure it works correctly. Read more...
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Fix Number FIX10044469
Manufacturer Part Number DAC-308
This is a single OEM ring designed for an air compressor. The purpose of this part is to distribute the pressure and heat equally by creating a firm seal between the cylinder and piston. It has an approximate inside diameter of 48 mm and outside diameter of 62.5 mm. This small metal ring is prone to deterioration and will need to be replaced from time to time. For this replacement, you will need a screwdriver, wrench set and pliers.
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Foam Fltr
1 Review
Fix Number FIX10044284
Manufacturer Part Number D24233
On Order
Valve Plate Assembly
1 Review
Fix Number FIX10054520
Manufacturer Part Number Z-AC-0032
In Stock
Fix Number FIX9931535
Manufacturer Part Number 265-17
On Order
Valve Kit
Fix Number FIX10048227
Manufacturer Part Number KK-4275
In Stock
Fix Number FIX10043608
Manufacturer Part Number CAC-1371
In Stock
Tube Seal
Fix Number FIX10049060
Manufacturer Part Number N044359

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