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Drain Hose
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Fix Number FIX890597
Manufacturer Part Number WH41X10096
This is a genuine OEM drain hose for your top-load washing machine. It is made with a flexible and corrugated black material, and measures 57-inches in length. The purpose of the drain hose is to move the water out of your washer and into the drain. Over time the drain hose can become cracked or damaged, which will result in water leaking onto your laundry room floor. Replacing this part is an easy repair and should not require any tools, as it is considered a friction fit. You will need to have access to the back of your washer in order to complete this repair.
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Pump to Tub Inlet Drain Hose
Fix Number FIX11721808
Manufacturer Part Number WH41X22935
This replacement inlet drain hose connects your washer's water pump to its tub. This hose is seven and a half inches in length and only two inches wide.
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Water Pressure Switch Hose
Fix Number FIX272183
Manufacturer Part Number WH41X365
This is a water pressure switch hose, also known as the air dome tube, for your washer. It is made of clear plastic and is sold individually. The hose transports water to your water pressure switch, so the switch can control how much water enters the washer during a cycle. If your washer will not fill up with water, or if water continues to fill the tub even after it is full, you may have a damaged water pressure switch hose. Inspect the hose for cracks and leaks, and if the hose is damaged you will need to replace it.
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Water Fill Nozzle
Fix Number FIX756806
Manufacturer Part Number WH41X10077
This part is the replacement water fill nozzle for your washer. It is white and tan in color, made of plastic, and is approximately 7 inches long and 4 inches wide. The water fill nozzle is also known as the water inlet assembly and directs the fill water into the tub. Over time the nozzle can become cracked and damaged, and this can cause it to leak. A damaged nozzle will need to be replaced. Be sure to disconnect the water supply to the washer before you begin this repair. You should also determine if any of the other parts that transport water into the washer are leaking, including the water inlet hose, and if they need to be repaired as well. This part is sold individually and is a genuine OEM part.
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Drain Hose - Pump to Cabinet
Fix Number FIX272192
Manufacturer Part Number WH41X374
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Fix Number FIX11763295
Manufacturer Part Number WH41X25457
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Hose Clamp Kit
Fix Number FIX270806
Manufacturer Part Number WH1X2036
This hose clamp kit contains two clamps. The smaller of the two is an inch in diameter while the larger of the two is two inches in diameter.
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Drain Hose Extension with Adapter and Clamp
Fix Number FIX273704
Manufacturer Part Number WH49X301
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Fix Number FIX2353277
Manufacturer Part Number PM14X10005
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Fix Number FIX272142
Manufacturer Part Number WH41X324

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