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D-Shaped Knob Clip
Fix Number FIX268493
Manufacturer Part Number WH01X10106
This clip fits inside the control knobs for your laundry machines, and helps to securely fasten the knob to the shaft, which allows you to easily turn the knob to select the correct settings. This is a genuine OEM part that is made of metal, designed to fit onto a D-shaped shaft, and is sold individually. If the control knob has become loose, or it is difficult to select settings, the clip may need to be replaced. Needle nose pliers may be required to either remove the clip from the shaft, or to pull it out of the knob. The new clip can simply be inserted into the control knob.
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Timer Knob Clip
Fix Number FIX270835
Manufacturer Part Number WH1X2117
This plastic clip is a genuine OEM part, used to help connect the timer knob to the shaft on your washer. If the clip has become damaged it will need to be replaced. The clip is found on the backside of the timer knob, and if the clip has become damaged the knob may not stay in place or advance through the settings. To do this repair you may need a pair of needle nose pliers to remove the old clip and to ensure the new one is securely in place.
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Tub Bearing Washer
Fix Number FIX271509
Manufacturer Part Number WH2X1197
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Drain Hose Clip
Fix Number FIX270508
Manufacturer Part Number WH16X513
This clip holds the drain hose to the back of the washer.
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Hub Washer
Fix Number FIX271511
Manufacturer Part Number WH2X1199
This is a replacement hub washer for your washing machine. If your washer is noisy, leaking, shaking, or pumping without spinning, you may need to replace the hub washer. The hub washer is found under the washer tub, beneath the split ring. You will need to remove the tub to access it. Before doing so you should disconnect the power and water sources from washer. The washer is made of metal and is a little more than an inch in diameter. It is sold individually, and is an OEM part.
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Hub Nut
Fix Number FIX271505
Manufacturer Part Number WH2X1193
This part is the hub nut, or lock down nut for your washing machine. It is designed to hold the inner tub on to the transmission. If your hub nut is stripped or damaged, it may need to be replaced. This hub nut is approximately 1.5 inches in diameter. This is an OEM part sourced directly from the manufacturer. You will need a hub nut wrench and some WD40 to loosen the nut and remove it from the agitator shaft.
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Fix Number FIX271689
Manufacturer Part Number WH2X930
This screw is sold individually.
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Compression Ring
Fix Number FIX652828
Manufacturer Part Number WH02X10093
Used in conjunction with the timer dial knob assembly.
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Tub Dampening Strap Retainer
Fix Number FIX271099
Manufacturer Part Number WH1X2726
In Stock
Screw - Black
Fix Number FIX268950
Manufacturer Part Number WH02X10002
This screw is sold individually.

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