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Dryer Drum Belt
Fix Number FIX11705916
Manufacturer Part Number 4400EL2001F
If the drum in your dryer will not tumble, or it is noisy while operating, there may be an issue with the drum belt. The belt is found looped around the dryer drum, a tension pulley, and a motor pulley and is used to rotate the drum so that your laundry tumbles. Over time the belt can become stretched out, or it becomes brittle and will snap. If this happens the belt will need to be replaced. If you need a replacement, this is a genuine OEM dryer drum belt. The belt measures about a quarter inch wide, and has four ribs and three groves. Please be sure to disconnect the power supply to your dryer before beginning this repair.
Fixes these symptoms
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Drive Belt
Fix Number FIX2350043
Manufacturer Part Number WE12X10014
This belt has a length of 87 inches, width of 1/4”, flat, with 4 ridges.
Fixes these symptoms
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Fix Number FIX8756711
Manufacturer Part Number WE12X10020
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Drum Belt
Fix Number FIX959964
Manufacturer Part Number WE12X10009
Used to turn the drum.
Fixes these symptoms
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Drive Belt
Fix Number FIX959966
Manufacturer Part Number WE12X10011
This part is used to rotate the drum.
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Fix Number FIX8756706
Manufacturer Part Number WE12M37
On Order
Fix Number FIX265731
Manufacturer Part Number WE12X93

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