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D-Shaped Knob Clip
Fix Number FIX268493
Manufacturer Part Number WH01X10106
This clip fits inside the control knobs for your laundry machines, and helps to securely fasten the knob to the shaft, which allows you to easily turn the knob to select the correct settings. This is a genuine OEM part that is made of metal, designed to fit onto a D-shaped shaft, and is sold individually. If the control knob has become loose, or it is difficult to select settings, the clip may need to be replaced. Needle nose pliers may be required to either remove the clip from the shaft, or to pull it out of the knob. The new clip can simply be inserted into the control knob.
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Lid Bumper
Fix Number FIX284979
Manufacturer Part Number WR02X10540
This genuine OEM replacement part is a bumper for your refrigerator. The bumper is made of orange rubber and measures less than half an inch in diameter. The bumper is used to prevent the fan motor from scraping against the side bracket in the evaporator fan motor assembly. You can find the bumper behind the evaporator fan cover in the freezer. If your fridge or freezer is noisy, it is likely that the bumper has worn down and will need to be replaced.
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Fix Number FIX271689
Manufacturer Part Number WH2X930
This screw is sold individually.
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Fix Number FIX267626
Manufacturer Part Number WE2M163
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Hub Nut
Fix Number FIX3501416
Manufacturer Part Number WH01X10618
This hub nut is a genuine OEM replacement part for your stackable washing machine. Removing the hub nut may require a spanner wrench, as per the manufacturer specifications. Replacing this part requires some disassembly of the agitator assembly. The nut should be turned clockwise to remove it.
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SCR 8-18 CA HX 1/2 S
Fix Number FIX1483082
Manufacturer Part Number WR01X10606
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Fix Number FIX234226
Manufacturer Part Number WB1K5157
This screw is black in color and sold individually.
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Screw - #10
Fix Number FIX267633
Manufacturer Part Number WE2M174
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Screws - Package of 12
Fix Number FIX234746
Manufacturer Part Number WB1X500D
These are replacement screws designed to fit your range. They are made of metal and are approximately ¼ inch long. They come in a package of 12. These are OEM parts sourced directly from the manufacturer.
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Hose Clamp Kit
Fix Number FIX270806
Manufacturer Part Number WH1X2036
This hose clamp kit contains two clamps. The smaller of the two is an inch in diameter while the larger of the two is two inches in diameter.
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