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Temperature Sensor
1 Review
Fix Number FIX304103
Manufacturer Part Number WR55X10025
The temperature sensor, also referred to as a thermistor, is used to monitor the refrigerator and freezer internal temperatures. The sensor is a small capsule like device that is protected by a white plastic casing. The sensor sends the temperature reading to the control board, which uses this information to turn on the compressor and fan circuits. If this part is malfunctioning it may inaccurately signal the control board to turn off these components, resulting in warmer than normal temperatures in the fresh food and freezer sections. This part can break from material fatigue through normal use, and will need to be replaced when this happens. You will find this part attached to the evaporator and control housing in your appliance. This OEM part measures roughly 1.25 inches with 18-inch long wire leads. For this repair, you will need a 1/4 inch nut driver, a pair of strippers and crimpers, and a pair of wire splice connectors.
Fixes these symptoms
  • Doesn’t stop running
  • Freezer not defrosting
  • Freezer section too warm
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Thermal Fuse
4 Reviews
Fix Number FIX3530485
Manufacturer Part Number 6931EL3003D
If your dryer is not turning on, or not heating up, there could be an issue with your thermal fuse. This OEM fuse is designed to act as a high-limit thermostat, and will turn off the heating element in your dryer if the appliance overheats. It does this by cutting off power to the dryer. If the fuse has blown, it will need to be replaced as they cannot be reset. You can test the fuse with a multimeter, and should receive a reading of 0 ohms of resistance if the fuse is still good. A common reason for a dryer to overheat is if the air vents are blocked, as the hot air is contained in the dryer causing the fuse to blow. Be sure to keep your dryer filter and vents clean of lint and other debris to prevent this from happening.
Fixes these symptoms
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Blower Thermostat
Fix Number FIX8747887
Manufacturer Part Number 6931EL3002M
In Stock
Fix Number FIX11772030
Manufacturer Part Number WE04X25201
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Inlet Control Thermostat
Fix Number FIX1766014
Manufacturer Part Number WE4M398
This part is located on the housing for the heating element.
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Fix Number FIX11759043
Manufacturer Part Number WE04X25194
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Thermostat Assembly
Fix Number FIX3530481
Manufacturer Part Number 6931EL3001E
The high limit thermostat on your dyer prevents your dryer from overheating. When the dryer heats up too much, the high limit thermostat will sense it and automatically shut off the heating element. If the thermostat is malfunctioning, it will need to be replaced, to avoid more serious issues. This product is an OEM part, direct from the manufacturer.
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Cycling Thermostat - 4 Wire
2 Reviews
Fix Number FIX267926
Manufacturer Part Number WE4M181
This thermostat helps to regulate the dryer's internal temperature. L210-30F
Fixes these symptoms
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High Limit Thermostat - L315-65
Fix Number FIX267900
Manufacturer Part Number WE4M137
This part is the replacement high-limit thermostat or safety thermostat for your dryer. The high-limit thermostat is found on the upper right-hand side of the heater housing, and it cuts off power to the dryer motor if the temperature reaches an unsafe level. If you push the start button and nothing happens, the high-limit thermostat should be tested for continuity and replaced if the contacts are open. Be sure to disconnect power to the dryer before you begin this repair. This part is sold individually and is an OEM part.
Fixes these symptoms
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Fix Number FIX11736631
Manufacturer Part Number WE04X25198

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