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M Series Ignition Coil Kit
Fix Number FIX470049
Manufacturer Part Number 5303931775
This coil ignition kit is used in dryers to open the gas valve when the dryer is on. This kit includes two coils. One is a two-wire secondary coil and the other is a three-wire booster coil. If your dryer does not heat or you notice heating inconsistencies, then the gas valve may be damaged and it is best to replace it to solve this problem. To repair, first release the two retaining clips that hold the top panel in place, then remove two screws that retain the front panel of the dryer cabinet. Next, pull the front panel forward and remember to disconnect the door switch. After accessing the gas coils, start removing the wires and unscrew the bracket that holds the coils. Remember to remove both the dual and main coil without removing the spacer. For more information on the kit and repair instructions, refer to diagram for a list of the parts.
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M-Series Primary Dual Coil Gas Valve
Fix Number FIX268153
Manufacturer Part Number WE4X692
This 'M' series coil is both a boosting as well as a holding coil. It has three terminals.
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M - Series Secondary Coil - 2 Terminals
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Fix Number FIX268154
Manufacturer Part Number WE4X693
This part is the replacement main valve coil for your dryer. It is black and white in color and has 2 terminals. It is approximately 1 inch long and 1 inch wide. The main valve coil opens the gas valves while the dryer is running. This coil is used with two coil gas shut off valve assemblies. Be sure to turn off the gas before you begin this repair. This part is sold individually and is a genuine OEM part sourced directly from the manufacturer.
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Natural Gas to Liquid Propane Conversion Kit
Fix Number FIX267591
Manufacturer Part Number WE25X217
This conversion kit changes the dryer from natural gas to liquid propane. Installation instructions are included.
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Fix Number FIX1018620
Manufacturer Part Number WE14M104
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NG to LP Conversion Kit
Fix Number FIX11729223
Manufacturer Part Number WE03X23918
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Liquid Propane to Natural Gas Conversion Kit
Fix Number FIX267592
Manufacturer Part Number WE25X218
This conversion kit changes the dryer from liquid propane to natural gas. Installation instructions are included.
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Gas Valve Coil Kit
Fix Number FIX265259
Manufacturer Part Number WE04X10020
This dryer solenoid kit comes with both the 2 and 3 wire coil valves.
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2-Coil Gas Shut-Off Valve Assembly
Fix Number FIX266093
Manufacturer Part Number WE14X215
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Burner Tube
Fix Number FIX815519
Manufacturer Part Number 134197700

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