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Rack Adjuster
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Fix Number FIX11750255
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10204131
This is a genuine OEM replacement rack adjuster for your dishwasher. If this part is damaged, broken, or missing it may cause issues using the top rack properly. To replace this part, first remove the top rack from your dishwasher, by removing the rack stop clips from the ends of the rails. To release the tabs, you can either use your fingers or a flat blade screwdriver to depress the locking tabs. Once the top rack has been removed and placed on a suitable work surface, the defective rack adjuster can be removed, once again using either your fingers or screwdriver to disengage the tabs. The new rack adjuster can then be snapped into place.
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Lower Wheel Assembly
Fix Number FIX11747717
Manufacturer Part Number WP99002780
The rollers on the lower rack in your dishwasher allow the rack to smoothly roll in and out of the appliance. If a roller wheel has become damaged or broken off, it should be replaced so that the rack can continue to glide easily. This genuine OEM part is made of white plastic and includes both the wheel and axel as an assembly, and they are sold as individual units. The rollers in your dishwasher tend to wear at the same rate, so we do recommend replacing all wheels on your lower dish rack at the same time. No tools should be required to do this repair, the old wheel pops off the rack and the new wheel snaps into place.
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Dishrack Roller Assembly
Fix Number FIX11769236
Manufacturer Part Number W10888592
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Wheel and Bushing Assembly
Fix Number FIX976040
Manufacturer Part Number 154522902
Sold Individually. Order quantity needed.
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Wheel Assembly
Fix Number FIX11745449
Manufacturer Part Number WP8268645
Sold Individually - 4 required on rack.
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White Dishrack Roller
Fix Number FIX11746834
Manufacturer Part Number WP903093
This upper dishwasher dishrack roller is just over an inch in diameter. It is all white in color and is made entirely of plastic.
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Tub Wheel - NOT a Rack Wheel
Fix Number FIX11747734
Manufacturer Part Number WP99002947
This wheel attaches to the inside of the tub to help guide the track and support the top rack.
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Upper Rack Wheel and Mount Assembly
Fix Number FIX11745524
Manufacturer Part Number WP8270016
This mount assembly attaches on either side of the inner cabinet wall for the upper rack. It glides over and under the the slide track.
Single Rack Roller Kit
Fix Number FIX452448
Manufacturer Part Number 5300809640
This kit comes with one axel/clip and one wheel/roller.
Tub Wheel - NOT a Rack Wheel
Fix Number FIX2378567
Manufacturer Part Number 154767502
This wheel attaches to the inside of the tub to help guide the track and support the top rack. Sold individually.

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