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Dishwasher Upper Dish rack with Wheels
Fix Number FIX10062929
Manufacturer Part Number 5304498211
If the upper rack in your dishwasher has become damaged, rusty, or has missing wheels it should be replaced. This is a genuine OEM replacement upper dish rack that includes the roller wheels. The rack is white in color with four gray rollers, and measures approximately 23 by 23 inches. When replacing this part, you will need to relocate the upper spray arm from the old rack onto your new upper dish rack. No tools are required for this repair, as all pieces either snap or twist into place.
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Single Rack Roller Kit
Fix Number FIX452448
Manufacturer Part Number 5300809640
This is a single rack roller kit for your dishwasher. This kit comes with one axel/clip, and one wheel/roller. The kit is used for the lower dishrack, and allows your rack to move freely. You will need two kits for your upper and lower rack. We recommend replacing this part in pairs for an even wear.
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Upper Dishrack Assembly
Fix Number FIX10062926
Manufacturer Part Number 5304498202
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Upper Rack Assembly - T3 PRO
Fix Number FIX10065024
Manufacturer Part Number A01986801
Upper Rack Assembly - T3 PRO. This is the complete upper rack and the wash arm.
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Lower Dishrack with Wheels
Fix Number FIX1960964
Manufacturer Part Number W10139223
NOTE: Per factory, this substituted part only has 6 wheels instead of 8 and NO longer comes with shelf rack.
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Upper Dishrack Slide
Fix Number FIX1525080
Manufacturer Part Number 154597801
This slide is mounted to each side of the upper cabinet wall. The dishrack wheels roll inside this track, which guides the upper rack. The mounting screws are not included.
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Lower Dishrack Kit
Fix Number FIX2367522
Manufacturer Part Number W10280784
This kit includes the dishrack, clips, wheels and silverware basket. As per the manufacturer this kit no longer includes the tines.
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Upper Dishrack Track End Cap
Fix Number FIX452590
Manufacturer Part Number 5300809927
Sold individually.
Dishwasher Lower Dish Rack Assembly
Fix Number FIX8760885
Manufacturer Part Number 808602302
This lower dish rack includes 8 light-gray rollers. The dish rack is about 21 inches wide x 22 inches deep.
Silverware Basket
Fix Number FIX11770512
Manufacturer Part Number 5304506681

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