How To Fix Excess Vibration – Snow Blower Repair

How To Repair Snow Blower With Excess Vibration

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If your snow blower is vibrating excessively, a paddle could be damaged. The paddles are external, on the front of the machine. On a single stage snow blower, a paddle rotates to throw the snow forward. If this paddle becomes damaged or is thrown off balance, it can cause the snow blower to vibrate excessively. The snow blower paddles are balanced when in working order, which stops the machine from vibrating too much. If a paddle comes loose from its mounting, gets torn, or wears unevenly from the other paddle, the balance is thrown off and excess vibration can occur. A damaged paddle will need to be replaced before continuing use as the excess vibration can cause further damage to the machine, and can also be dangerous for the operator.


The auger bearing holds the horizontal shaft that extends out of the gearbox that the augers are attached to. This bearing holds the augers firmly in place while allowing them to rotate freely. If this bearing seizes or becomes worn, the augers will be difficult for the engine to turn, which can cause the machine to vibrate excessively. To access this bearing, the gearbox and augers must be removed from their housing. The bearing should spin freely with little to no resistance. If the bearing is does not rotate freely, it will need to be replaced. These bearings do wear over time and will likely need to be replaced at some point.

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