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Fix Number FIX9285698
Manufacturer Part Number 532110485
This is a single mandrel ball bearing for a mower. It is sold individually, however it is a good idea to have a couple of these on hand. This bearing is located on top of the shaft, which is part of the mandrel assembly. The mandrel assembly is bolted to the more deck. This bearing measures roughly 1-3/8-Inches inner diameter, 1.578-Inches outer diameter, and .475-Inches long.
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Bearing, Ball
Fix Number FIX8887153
Manufacturer Part Number 1705897SM
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Fix Number FIX9010748
Manufacturer Part Number 532003366
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Ball Bearing
Fix Number FIX9920788
Manufacturer Part Number 2108202SM
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Fix Number FIX9902228
Manufacturer Part Number 1705897SM
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Auger Bearing
Fix Number FIX10035131
Manufacturer Part Number 9517MA
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Fix Number FIX9164778
Manufacturer Part Number 931-0374
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Fix Number FIX9998561
Manufacturer Part Number 7012117SM
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Bearing Flange Ball
Fix Number FIX9973570
Manufacturer Part Number 532408981
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Flange Bearing
Fix Number FIX9020445
Manufacturer Part Number 532188909
This is a genuine Husqvarna replacement part. A flange bearing is simply a bearing that could be mounted inside your lawn and garden equipment. This flange bearing is most commonly used in snow blowers, and it mounted near the end of the impeller assembly that attached to the gear box. It is important to be able to mount the bearing inside machinery that has high levels of vibration, it helps ensure the bearing remains in place so it can effectively help reduce the friction for the rotating components. We recommend that you refer to model specific diagrams for exact placement and appropriate uses. This flange bearing is sold individually.