How To Fix Drive System– Lawn Tractor Repair
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How To Repair Lawn Tractor Drive System

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Drive Belt

If your mowers drive system is not working, the first component to check is the drive belt. The drive belt drives transmission which powers the back wheels of the mower when the operator engages the drive controls. If this belt breaks or slips out of place, the drive system will not receive any energy from the motor. Once you are able to access the drive belt, inspect it for damage or wear. If the belt has slipped off of its pulley, it will need to be reinstalled and likely tightened to ensure this does not happen again. A broken drive belt will need to be replaced entirely. All belts wear over time and will need to be adjusted and eventually replaced. Refer to your owners manual for more information on accessing the drive belt on your mower, and for a replacement part number should a new belt be required.


If the drive belt looks to be in good condition on your mower, the next component to check is the transmission. The transmission turns the wheels to drive the mower when engaged. If the transmission breaks or becomes damaged, the drive system will no longer operate properly. If the drive belt is connected and in good condition, but the drive system will not work, the transmission is likely damaged and is unable to rotate the drive system. If you believe a damaged transmission is causing your mower drive system to fail, remove the transmission and open its case. If there are any signs of rust, wear or damage, the transmission will need to be replaced. This is a fairly complex piece of equipment, and it may be favorable to have a professional diagnose and repair issues with a transmission.

Drive Cable

The drive cable attaches to the operators controls and engages the drive system when the operator engages the drive system controls. This cable can break or require adjustment. If the cable is not taut when the controls are engaged, it likely needs to be adjusted and tightened so it can successfully pull the drive system into engagement. If you find that the drive cable has snapped, it should be replaced.

Hydraulic Fluid

If your mower employs a hydrostatic transmission and the drive system is not working properly, check the fluid level in the transmission. A hydrostatic transmission relies on the displacement of hydraulic fluid to create the required force to power the drive system. If this fluid is not kept at an appropriate level, the amount of power the transmission can output is drastically affected. Refer to your user manual for specific information on how to care for your transmission and for the correct type of hydraulic fluid to use on your machine.

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