How To Repair Lawn Tractor Blades

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If your mower blades are not cutting properly, the blades may be dull. If the blades are dull, remove them and have them sharpened. Sharper blades increase the efficiency of the mower, and give a more even and clean-cut look to your lawn. Dull mower blades are not only inefficient, but in some cases can even cause the mower to stall from having grass wind around the blade, making it harder for the engine to turn the crankshaft. Mower blades should be inspected and sharpened on a regular basis for reasons of both safety and efficiency. Inspect the blades to ensure that the correct type of blade is installed. Different models of mowers require different lengths and styles of blades. If the blade you are using does not match the style of mower you have, the mower will not cut properly. This can also be dangerous in some situations. If you are replacing the blades to your mower, refer to your user manual for information on obtaining the correct style and length of blade for your mower.

Bent Blade

Another reason why your mower may not be cutting properly is if a blade has become damaged or bent. If the blades come into contact with a rock or log or any other solid piece of material that they cannot cut through, the blade can chip or become bent. This warping of the blade will cause the mower to operate at a much lower efficiency than usual, and can also cause balance issues in the blade, which can cause the machine to vibrate excessively. Ensuring that your mower blade is securely installed and is balanced properly is vital to the safe use of this machine. If you suspect your blade is bent, remove it and inspect it further. Any signs of warping or damage that cannot be repaired will require that the blade be replaced before the machine is used again.

Wrong Blade

If your mower is not cutting properly after replacing or removing and reinstalling the blade, inspect the blade to see if it has been installed upside down. The spindle that the blade is attached to can only rotate in one direction, so the blade must be installed correctly to ensure that the sharpened cutting edge of the blade is facing the right way. Most blades will have a stamp or some sort of wording on them to indicate which side should face up or down. All blades will always have a bevel or a curve in them, which will point up towards the mower deck when properly installed.

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