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Upper Hose Assembly-8 ft.
6 Reviews
Fix Number FIX12065481
Manufacturer Part Number H-303239003
Installation Instructions
Fred from Danville, IL
Broken hose
Removed broken hose and replaced with new one.
In Stock
Brush Roller
Fix Number FIX12049108
Manufacturer Part Number O-016-1152
In Stock
Fix Number FIX12067932
Manufacturer Part Number H-562289001
This is a flat non-stretch rubber belt for a vacuum. The vacuum belt attaches to the brush roller and helps to collect dirt and debris. The belt will wear with regular use and will require replacement every six months. It may become evident that the belt needs to be replaced if your vacuum has become extra noisy all of a sudden or it is not collecting debris properly. For this straight-forward repair you will need a screwdriver.
In Stock
Belt Styles 7,9,10,12 & 16 (2pk)
Fix Number FIX10272331
Manufacturer Part Number B-32074
In Stock
Style 23 Belt
Fix Number FIX10334439
Manufacturer Part Number H-38528040
In Stock
Agitator Bearing Assembly
Fix Number FIX12067086
Manufacturer Part Number H-43267002
In Stock
Dusting Brush
Fix Number FIX12067117
Manufacturer Part Number H-43414162
In Stock
Roller Assembly W/Axle
Fix Number FIX10270410
Manufacturer Part Number B-203-1015
On Order
Switch - 2 Position
1 Review
Fix Number FIX12164783
Manufacturer Part Number E-76464
In Stock
Flat Belt-Sub
Fix Number FIX12066423
Manufacturer Part Number H-38528035


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