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Floor Brush
Fix Number FIX12067104
Manufacturer Part Number H-43414073
In Stock
Furniture Nozzle-Black
Fix Number FIX12067096
Manufacturer Part Number H-43414057
In Stock
Agitator Bearing Assembly
Fix Number FIX12067086
Manufacturer Part Number H-43267002
In Stock
Hose Clamp
Fix Number FIX11743008
Manufacturer Part Number WP596669
This hose clamp extends from half an inch to an inch in diameter. It is made entirely of metal and is intended for use with Maytag brand washing machines.
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
Albert from Unadilla, NY
noticed water was leaking in front of washer-right before we were leaving for vacation
Upon returning from vacation, we needed to do laundry-so I put some plastic under the washer and we did a load. The water was leaking from the seam between the lid and the back panel on the side with the hot and cold water connections- not the front. I removed two screws from the front bottom panel and two screws from the underside of the lid.Turning the washer on showed the leak was coming from the injection valve( it was brittle from age). The rubber injection valve was replaced and installed( using a little liquid soap to help the rubber hose to slip over the rubber injection valve) with a new clamp. The leak was fixed. Read more...
In Stock
Dusting Brush
Fix Number FIX12067100
Manufacturer Part Number H-43414064
In Stock
Secondary Filter
Fix Number FIX12066575
Manufacturer Part Number H-38765009
In Stock
Fix Number FIX12066418
Manufacturer Part Number H-38528011
Special Order
Micro Filter
Fix Number FIX12049196
Manufacturer Part Number O-7200501
Special Order
Fix Number FIX12065638
Manufacturer Part Number H-32761001
In Stock
Exhaust Filter
Fix Number FIX12065682
Manufacturer Part Number H-34174012


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