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Trigger Valve Kit
Fix Number FIX10251035
Manufacturer Part Number TVA6
This is a genuine Bostitch replacement part that fits all BT brad nailers and all S32 staplers. If trigger leaks air or if tool misfires often, try replacing trigger valve. This kit contains one (1) each of: valve assembly (including both O-rings), lubricant, spring pin punch, and repair instructions. Please note that two (2) O-rings are included but can also be purchased separately as parts # 106967 and # 86459. O-rings are easily damaged and worn out, causing tool issues, so it\\\'s a good idea to have a backup or two on hand. Only a hammer is needed for this repair.
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Hd.Valve Piston
Fix Number FIX10246998
Manufacturer Part Number 180450-S
This is a manufacturer-approved replacement head valve and is sold independently. It controls the amount of air that enters the cylinder when the trigger is initiated. This action creates an imbalance in pressure between the cylinder and the air reservoir, allowing the head valve to open, firing the piston. The head valve can harden and crack and the valve body itself can break too. This will usually become obvious because air will leak from the gun exhaust. To access this part for the repair, you will need to remove the top cap from the nail gun.
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Fix Number FIX10246996
Manufacturer Part Number 180448
This is an OEM replacement O-ring for a nailer, sold individually. This O-ring is what seals the cylinder to the housing of the gun and creates separation between the upper and lower air chambers. Due to its rubber material, over time, it can wear. For this repair you will need to remove the cap, disassemble the head valve, remove the spring, and remove the old O-ring. Apply some lubrication to the new O-ring and place it on the valve.
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Fix Number FIX10247446
Manufacturer Part Number 854004
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Fix Number FIX10250781
Manufacturer Part Number SEQ6
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Fix Number FIX10247373
Manufacturer Part Number 850144
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Fix Number FIX10247460
Manufacturer Part Number 86459
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Fix Number FIX10246997
Manufacturer Part Number 180449
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Fix Number FIX10247000
Manufacturer Part Number 180457
This is an OEM piston ring and is sold individually. The seal allows pressure in the cylinder when the gun is engaged. The pressure pushes the piston down into the cylinder. This piston ring will deteriorate with time and this seal will loosen. When the piston ring is not sealing as it should, the driver can lose power and not work at all. This is a very simple repair and starts by removing the top cap from the tool. Next, remove the piston and ring. The new piston can now be installed in its place. The new piston ring fits over the top of the piston, just be careful not to damage it.
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Fix Number FIX10250109
Manufacturer Part Number N70155
This is an individually sold cylinder seal for a nailer. As the name describes, it is placed on the cylinder of the nailer. It prevents air from leaking from inside the tool. Like all seals, it can become fragile, stretch, and break over time. If your tool requires a complete rebuild of all gaskets, seals, and O-rings, a rebuild kit is sold separately. This seal has an approximate outer diameter of 2-9/16-inches and an inner diameter of 2-15/16-inches.

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