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Carbon Brush Set
Fix Number FIX10156662
Manufacturer Part Number CB440
The brush box kit fits a variety of cordless gardening tools. *Please note: This part is sold individually. This assembly includes a carbon brush, spring and holder. Due to friction, carbon brushes are common replacement parts. If the functioning of your motor changes and does not work, then check if the brush is worn out or inspect the wire lead for cracks, burns and other damage. Replacing the brush can restore the motor and its functions. Refer to the manual provided by the manufacturer for further installation instructions.
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Power Cord
Fix Number FIX10153834
Manufacturer Part Number 664064-4
This is a power cord, and it is used with several power tools. It is made of a thick rubber that is tough, and insulated for a long life. It has two 18 gauge wires, and is 8 feet long. When removing your old cord, take note of the wire leads placements, and how they connect to the receptacle in the tool. You will have to attach the new cord similarly.
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Carbon Brush Set CB-407
Fix Number FIX10156656
Manufacturer Part Number CB407
This set comes with two carbon brushes with wire leads and brush strings attached. If your motor is not running efficiently or is operating intermittently, this is a common sign of worn brushes. Due to the friction they are constantly under, they will wear over time, and will start to appear cracked, pitted, or burnt if not replaced regularly. We recommend also taking a look at the armature to ensure it is not damaged. This brush set is compatible with multiple model types, so it is best to consult your user manual for repair instructions.
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Carbon Brush Set CB-75
Fix Number FIX10156669
Manufacturer Part Number CB75
If your motor is running poorly, running intermittently, it is likely in need of new carbon brushes. This part includes a set of two carbon brushes with wire leads and brush springs attached. Changing the carbon brushes is part of your regular maintenance, so it is a good idea to have a few extra on hand. When replacing the carbon brushes, it is also advised to inspect the armature at the same time.
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Carbon Brush Set CB-441
Fix Number FIX10156663
Manufacturer Part Number CB441
This is a set of two carbon brushes. The carbon brushes should be checked on a regular basis. If they have worn down to the limit mark, it is time for a replacement. Both carbon brushes need to be replaced at the same time. For this repair use your screwdriver to detach the brush holder caps, remove the old carbon brushes, and insert the new ones. Fasten the new carbon brushes to the holder caps. To break in the new carbon brushes, run the tool with no load for about one minute.
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Cord Guard / Strain Reliever
Fix Number FIX10153918
Manufacturer Part Number 682502-4
This is a cord guard, also known as a strain reliever, for your power tools. Power tool cords go through a lot of stress during usage, and this part is designed to remove some of that stress from the weakest point, which is where the cord meets the tool. Depending on how often you use your power tool, your cord guard will deteriorate. When this happens, you should replace it immediately. Keeping a strong power cord guard will help your tool live a longer life.
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Rotor Blade
Fix Number FIX12145308
Manufacturer Part Number 1906PT
This part is sourced directly from Dotco and is designed to work with various Dotco and Cleco Grinders and Sanders. For full compatibility, please see the "Model Cross Reference List" below. The Rotor Blade is responsible for producing airflow inside the cylinder. If your tool has less power than before, it may be a sign that you have damaged Rotor Blades. If your Rotor Blades are cracked, chipped, or damaged, your tool will not operate properly, and they need to be replaced. Each blade is approximately 1" long, and are sold individually.
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Muffler Insert (Sold Individually)
Fix Number FIX10338782
Manufacturer Part Number 56027
This is a muffler insert for a sander and it is sold as an individual item. It is sourced directly from the original manufacturer. It is located underneath the muffler cap, in the muffler body. The purpose of the muffler insert is to reduce the sound of air coming from the exhaust and to filter out leftover oil inside the tool. If it is clogged, this can slow down the tool significantly, and allow contaminants to make their way to the motor, which can cause further damage. It will become evident that a replacement is required when it has turned black in color.
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Steel Ball 3.5
Fix Number FIX10142080
Manufacturer Part Number 216001-0
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Ball Bearing 696ZZ
Fix Number FIX10141483
Manufacturer Part Number 210033-9