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7 Reviews
Fix Number FIX10294221
Manufacturer Part Number G206-0025-W1
This Wheel is a OEM replacement part for select models of Char-Broil grills. To ensure this will fit your grill, please see the "Model Cross Reference List" below. This Wheel attaches to the bottom of the grill and allows for easy movement of the grill. If your wheels are missing or damaged, they need to be replaced. This wheel is made of durable black plastic, is approximately 6" in diameter, and is sold individually. Please note, the hardware used to attach the wheel is not included.
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Caster Sockets / Leg Extenders
8 Reviews
Fix Number FIX10294793
Manufacturer Part Number G408-0036-W1
This is an authentically sourced OEM caster socket for a gas grill, also known as a leg extender. This plastic socket is sold individually. It is designed for a rectangular steel tube leg, and is what attaches the caster wheel to the grill frame. Where the caster screws in, it measures 1-Inch by 2-Inches. The insert is 2-1/16-Inches from the top to the bottom, and it accepts a 7/16-Inch threaded caster. To attach this socket to the grill, use a bolt and nut (sold separately) to secure it to the metal leg of a cart side panel. Next, bolt in the bottom of the socket.
Installation Instructions
David from SAINT PAUL, MN
Wheel broke off the grill
I propped up the grill and unscrewed the screw that held the caster socket. I then pryed out the socket and replaced it with part I got from fix. Read more...
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Main Burner For Firebox
Fix Number FIX17016893
Manufacturer Part Number 80029717
This OEM approved part has been sourced directly from Char-Broil and is designed for use on select models of Char-Broil grills. To ensure this part is compatible with your grill, please see the "Model Cross Reference List" below. The Burners are the part of the grill where the flames rise from, and is regulated via the control knobs attached to the Valve/Manifold/Regulator. While this part is made of durable stainless steel, due to the intense heat they are subject to during normal use, they tend to corrode and wear over time. If the flame is significantly smaller than normal, or if your Burner has become damaged, it needs to be replaced. This Burner is sold individually, and includes the hardware needed for replacement. Depending on your grill you may have 3-4 of these.
Installation Instructions
Rusted burners, flame tamers, grease tray, and grease tray rails
Verified propane tank was off, then disconnected.

Opened grill and removed grill grates.

Disposed of rusted heat tents / flame tamers.

Used pliers to help remove cotter pins for carryover tubes and end of burner tubes.

Removed and disposed of rusted carryover tubes.

Used small, thin flat head screwdriver to remove electrode clips from front of burner tubes.

With gentle force, lifted rusted flat end of burner tubes to clear posts then gently moved burner tube away from the front of the grill until no longer inside the holes with the gas feeder tube.

Cleaned up all debris from inside the fire box.

Installed new burner tubes: clipped electrode onto the tube at same location as original burner tubes, ensure threaded cotter pin post hole faces up, insert round end with three rows of small holes on the burner into the fire box hole aligned with a control knob at the front of the fire box and onto the gas feeder inside, crimped end of the burner installed onto the post at the back of the fire box & secured with new cotter pin, installed cotter pin post into threaded hole on top of burner tube - finger tight only.

Installed new carryover tubes: with carryover tube flange facing towards the control knobs, install carryover tubes into adjoining burner tubes' cotter pin posts starting with the leftmost carryover tube. Secure left side of carryover tube with a new cotter pin, install the next carryover tube, then secure its left side with a new cotter pin. Repeat until all carryover tubes are installed and install the final cotter pin. Leave the cotter pin post a little loose when starting to ensure its hole is up high enough to install the cotter pin. Once the pin is installed, tighten cotter pin post to secure.

Removed rusted grease tray and disposed.

Removed rusted grease tray rails: removed single screw securing grease tray rail from inside cart below the control knobs & retain, slide far tab of grease tray rail out of slot at the back of the cart

Installed new grease tray rails: inserted tabbed end of grease tray rail into slot at the back of the cart, secured with retained screw into hole inside cart below the control knobs

Installed new grease tray into slot from behind the grill

Tested new burner tubes: reconnected propane tank, turned on, held igniter switch in to hear spark, and turned on each control knob in turn until each burner lit

After successful test and let them burn for a couple minutes, turned off control knobs and turned off propane tank.

Installed new flame tamers over each burner tube, each rested on their spots in the fire box.

Reinstalled grill grates after cleaning them.
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Igniter Switch Module
6 Reviews
Fix Number FIX12011759
Manufacturer Part Number G515-0017-W7
This Ignition Switch Module is a genuine OEM approved Char-Broil replacement part. To ensure this is compatible with your Grill, please see the "Model Cross Reference List" below. This Ignitor Switch Module is what creates the spark inside your Grill to ignite it. Over time, components may wear out and begin to fail eventually requiring a replacement. If your Grill will turn on but will not ignite, you may need to replace the Ignitor Switch Module. This kit includes the Ignitor and the complete Wire Harness for all burners. Each kit is sold individually.
Installation Instructions
John from HUDSON, NY
no ignition spark
Remove battery cover and battery.
Removed the nut behind the battery cover and remove the module. This allows room to reach the switch.
Remove the igniter switch nut and switch.
Replace switch and switch wiring.
Reassemble all and test operation.
Special Order
Flame Tamer
Fix Number FIX17016590
Manufacturer Part Number 80029723
Flame Tamer
In Stock
Grease Pan
3 Reviews
Fix Number FIX10294805
Manufacturer Part Number G416-0015-W1
In Stock
Aluminum Catch Pan Kit
Fix Number FIX10512951
Manufacturer Part Number 93305
In Stock
Hardware Kit For Bottom Panel
Fix Number FIX10511319
Manufacturer Part Number 67762
Installation Instructions
Matthew from FRANKLIN, TN
Very Easy
Simple..just search on YouTube and you'll find a video on how to install the bottom. Was extremely easy! Read more...
In Stock
Heat Tent
Fix Number FIX16502971
Manufacturer Part Number G470-0004-W1A
Special Order
Grease Cup
Fix Number FIX10294822
Manufacturer Part Number G430-0033-W1


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