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H Burner Tube
Fix Number FIX241118
Manufacturer Part Number WB28X10021
Used in Outdoor Grills.
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Fix Number FIX11771902
Manufacturer Part Number WB48X27603
Sold individually.
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Gourmet Radiant Element - 36 Inch /48 Inch
Fix Number FIX223940
Manufacturer Part Number WB02X10661
Used with Gas Grills.
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Broiler Pan - Large
Fix Number FIX1517612
Manufacturer Part Number WB48X10056
This is a broiler pan for your range. It catches drippings from the cookware, when broiling in the oven. This assembly includes the grill/grate and the bottom pan. These parts are made of porcelain. The grate is 15.5 inches wide, by 13 inches long. The pan is roughly 17 inches wide, by 13 inches long.
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Grill Rack - Black
Fix Number FIX249970
Manufacturer Part Number WB49X10019
Used on outdoor grilles.
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Center Gas Grill Flame Tamer
Fix Number FIX2353365
Manufacturer Part Number WB02X11435
The flame tamer reduces fire flare-ups caused by grease and juices from food.

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