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Transmission Pulley and Bearing Kit
Fix Number FIX2003651
Manufacturer Part Number 12002213
Also known as Thrust Bearing Kit. This kit includes the pulley, washer, thrust bearing, 2 upper race washers and 1 lower race washer. These parts are NOT available separately - they are ONLY available in this kit. A worn bearing causes slow or no spin.
Fixes these symptoms
  • Burning smell
  • Spins slowly
  • Will not agitate
  • See more...
In Stock
Spin Tube Bearing
Fix Number FIX11746369
Manufacturer Part Number WP8546462
This spin tube T-Bearing is an inch long. Sold individually.
In Stock
Centerpost Bearing and Seal Assembly
Fix Number FIX334447
Manufacturer Part Number 285203
This assembly comes with one transmission stem seal, two center post bearings, and three agitator shaft seals.
Fixes these symptoms
In Stock
Ring, Thrust
Fix Number FIX11743303
Manufacturer Part Number WP62658
In Stock
Spin Bearing
Fix Number FIX446536
Manufacturer Part Number 3204405
Fixes these symptoms
In Stock
Main Tub Bearing Assembly
Fix Number FIX11742242
Manufacturer Part Number WP40004201P
This triangular main tub bearing assembly is five inches long. It is made of metal.
Fixes these symptoms
In Stock
Upper/Lower Bearing
Fix Number FIX11742241
Manufacturer Part Number WP40004001
Bearing only.
Fixes these symptoms
Special Order
Fix Number FIX334448
Manufacturer Part Number 285205
In Stock
Fix Number FIX2349240
Manufacturer Part Number 134617600

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