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Drum Bearing Slide - Green (Sold individually)
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Fix Number FIX6447706
Manufacturer Part Number WE1M1067
This single drum bearing slide is an OEM approved replacement part for dryers. It can also be known as a bearing drum slide, pad, or glide. The slides attach to the inner most slots on the front bearing. As the dryer rotates, the drum bearing slides help to support the front of the drum. If your appliance becomes noisy, is not drying properly, or leaves marks on clothes, it may be time to replace it. If you are replacing one slide, we recommend replacing the other slide at the same time, as they deteriorate at a similar rate. You will need to order 2 of these parts as there are 2 in each dryer. It is approximately 2.6-inches deep, 0.06-inches in height, and 0.5-inches wide. This part is denoted as being green in the title, however users and technicians have noted it is actually gray in color.
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Washer Tub Bearing, Rear
Fix Number FIX11711138
Manufacturer Part Number MAP61913707
This tub bearing is for washers. Tub bearing supports the spin basket shaft at the tub. Unplug the washer and shut off the water supply before installing this part. Wear work gloves to protect your hands.
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Split Ring
Fix Number FIX1766022
Manufacturer Part Number WH02X10265
This split ring is two inches in diameter.
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Tub Bearing Washer
Fix Number FIX271509
Manufacturer Part Number WH2X1197
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Tub Bearing
Fix Number FIX271510
Manufacturer Part Number WH2X1198
The tub bearing secures the spin basket in the tub assembly of a washer. It is located on the bottom of the outer tub. A common symptom of a worn tub bearing is a very loud noise (including a grinding sound) during the spin cycle. If the washer is also having trouble spinning or agitating, it leaks, or shakes, these are also indications that the tub bearing may need to be replaced. This part is sold individually and is sourced right from the original manufacturer.
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Transmission Pulley and Bearing Kit
Fix Number FIX2003651
Manufacturer Part Number 12002213
Also known as Thrust Bearing Kit. This kit includes the pulley, washer, thrust bearing, 2 upper race washers and 1 lower race washer. These parts are NOT available separately - they are ONLY available in this kit. A worn bearing causes slow or no spin.
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  • Burning smell
  • Spins slowly
  • Will not agitate
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Tub Seal and Bearing Kit
Fix Number FIX3503261
Manufacturer Part Number W10435302
This kit includes the shaft, 3 bearings, seals , grease, adhesive and the spanner nut, which is NOT sold separately. Also may require a bearing driver tool to install. PS3503307
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Spin Tube Bearing
Fix Number FIX11746369
Manufacturer Part Number WP8546462
This spin tube T-Bearing is an inch long. Sold individually.
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Centerpost Bearing and Seal Assembly
Fix Number FIX334447
Manufacturer Part Number 285203
This assembly comes with one transmission stem seal, two center post bearings, and three agitator shaft seals.
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Rear Bearing
Fix Number FIX11739437
Manufacturer Part Number WP22003441
This part is located near the tub's brake assembly.