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Cycling Thermostat - 4 Wire
2 Reviews
Fix Number FIX267926
Manufacturer Part Number WE4M181
This thermostat helps to regulate the dryer's internal temperature. L210-30F
Fixes these symptoms
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High Limit Thermostat - L315-65
Fix Number FIX267900
Manufacturer Part Number WE4M137
This part is the replacement high-limit thermostat or safety thermostat for your dryer. The high-limit thermostat is found on the upper right-hand side of the heater housing, and it cuts off power to the dryer motor if the temperature reaches an unsafe level. If you push the start button and nothing happens, the high-limit thermostat should be tested for continuity and replaced if the contacts are open. Be sure to disconnect power to the dryer before you begin this repair. This part is sold individually and is an OEM part.
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Heat Detector
Fix Number FIX268031
Manufacturer Part Number WE4X448
Also known as Flame Sensor/Detector.
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Cycling Thermostat
Fix Number FIX267949
Manufacturer Part Number WE4M216
This thermostat is located on the blower wheel.
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High Limit Thermostat - L290-40F
Fix Number FIX267995
Manufacturer Part Number WE4M80
This hi-limit thermostat acts as as safety mechanism that keeps the dryer from overheating.
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High Limit Safety Thermostat
Fix Number FIX268202
Manufacturer Part Number WE4X757
This hi-limit thermostat acts as a safety mechanism that keeps the dryer from overheating. With this thermostat, a dryer's heating element will cut out if the internal temperature reaches 260 degrees Fahrenheit. The element will kick back in when the temperature drops to 190 degrees Fahrenheit - the differential of 70 degrees.
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Thermal Limiter
Fix Number FIX755806
Manufacturer Part Number WE04X10094
This part is found in the same location as the Terminal Block at the back of the Dryer. It acts as a safety device which prevents your appliance from overheating.
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Control Thermostat
Fix Number FIX265265
Manufacturer Part Number WE04X10028
This thermostat controls the internal drying temperature. Cycling themostats continually cycle the heating element off and on to maintain a constant inner temperature. This particular cycling thermostat has a limit of 140 degrees Fahrenheit and a differential of 10 degrees. Meaning that with this thermostat, the heating element will cut out at 140 degrees and cycle back on once the internal temperature drops by 10 degrees.
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Air Flow Thermostat Kit
Fix Number FIX756180
Manufacturer Part Number WE25X10011
This kit includes adhesive, thermostat, air duct seal, 4 1/4" spacers, 4 screws and 4 clips.
Special Order
Fix Number FIX268282
Manufacturer Part Number WE4X856

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