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Retainer O-Ring
Fix Number FIX266776
Manufacturer Part Number WE1M461
This is a replacement O-ring for the drum bearing retainer on your dryer. The drum bearing is found at the back of the dryer drum. The O-ring is designed to create a seal on the drum bearing. The O-ring is made of rubber, and can occasionally wear down and break. If you notice that your dryer drum bearing is worn while you’re replacing the O-ring, you should consider replacing it as well. This product is sold individually, and is an OEM part from the manufacturer.
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Tub Seal
Fix Number FIX11726907
Manufacturer Part Number WH08X24594
The tub seal is manufactured to create a watertight seal between the tub and the inner spin basket. Your seal will wear over time causing the rubber to dry out and crack, breaking the seal in your washer. You may need to replace this part if you notice leaking in your appliance. This part is about 2.75 inches in diameter, is made of rubber, and is black in color.
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Fix Number FIX3505467
Manufacturer Part Number WE9M58
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Washer Package of 12
Fix Number FIX271567
Manufacturer Part Number WH2X42D
Fixes these symptoms
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Fix Number FIX11763078
Manufacturer Part Number WE09X21594
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Upper Felt Seal with Adhesive
Fix Number FIX652857
Manufacturer Part Number WE09X10013
Fixes these symptoms
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Fix Number FIX268346
Manufacturer Part Number WE9X112
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Tub Seal Kit
Fix Number FIX269368
Manufacturer Part Number WH08X10004
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Fix Number FIX273913
Manufacturer Part Number WH8X368
No Longer Available
Lower Felt Seal
Fix Number FIX268338
Manufacturer Part Number WE9X105
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