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Surface Burner Infinite Switch Kit
Fix Number FIX2350013
Manufacturer Part Number 903136-9010
This is a surface burner infinite switch kit for your range or oven. This replacement part activates and deactivates your burner, and controls the burner heat. If you are not getting any heat to your burner or it is not the right temperature, you may need to replace this part. It is about 2.75 inches wide and 1.5 inches tall.
Fixes these symptoms
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Surface Burner Infinite Switch - 240V
Fix Number FIX2350014
Manufacturer Part Number 903136-9020
This is a 240-volt surface burner infinite switch for a range or oven. It is for an 8-inch element. This part turns your surface element on and off, and regulates the desired heat of your element. The switch is made of off-white plastic and metal.
Fixes these symptoms
  • Element will not heat
  • Oven not heating evenly
  • See more...
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Dual Infinite Switch
Fix Number FIX820835
Manufacturer Part Number 318191023
This switch allows you to choose which size burner you require according to the size of the pots and pans you're using.
Fixes these symptoms
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Burner Switch Kit
Fix Number FIX470145
Manufacturer Part Number 5303935086
This switch controls the stove top surface burner.
Fixes these symptoms
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Surface Burner Switch
Fix Number FIX2342883
Manufacturer Part Number 318293827
Fixes these symptoms
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Door Switch
Fix Number FIX3633434
Manufacturer Part Number 318394803
In Stock
Surface Burner Switch - 240V
Fix Number FIX2350981
Manufacturer Part Number 318293830
Fixes these symptoms
In Stock
Fix Number FIX8692370
Manufacturer Part Number 808136601
In Stock
Oven Door Light Switch
Fix Number FIX1146807
Manufacturer Part Number 316445500
In Stock
Warming Element Control Switch
Fix Number FIX12176130
Manufacturer Part Number 5304508926
This part controls your warming drawer element.

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