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Door Hinge
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Fix Number FIX11744215
Manufacturer Part Number WP74008014
If your oven door is not opening or closing easily, there may be an issue with the door hinge. The hinge uses spring tension to allow the door to stay open at an angle instead of dropping open. This genuine OEM hinge can be used on either the left or righthand side of the door, and measures approximately 20.5 inches long. This part is sold individually, however we recommend replacing both hinges at the same time, as they can wear out a similar rate.
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Hinge - Right Side
Fix Number FIX1151517
Manufacturer Part Number 318348800
Fixes these symptoms
In Stock
Door Hinge - Left Side
Fix Number FIX1151518
Manufacturer Part Number 318348801
This hinge is located on left side of the oven door.
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Fix Number FIX12071031
Manufacturer Part Number 316575947
In Stock
Oven Door Hinge Pin
Fix Number FIX11740692
Manufacturer Part Number WP307986
This hinge pin is sold individually.
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Hinge Kit
Fix Number FIX979954
Manufacturer Part Number 5304445529
This kit comes with 2 door hinges, 2 brackets and 4 screws.
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Door Hinge Kit - Left Side
Fix Number FIX231474
Manufacturer Part Number WB14T10006
This hinge kit is used on the left hand side of the oven door.
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Fix Number FIX226480
Manufacturer Part Number WB03T10156
In Stock
Door Hinge
Fix Number FIX2364193
Manufacturer Part Number 316566206
Sold individually.
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Door Hinge
Fix Number FIX2373550
Manufacturer Part Number 316575902
Sold individually.

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