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Refrigerator Door Shelf Bin
Fix Number FIX11752778
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10321304
This is a manufacturer-approved refrigerator door shelf bin, also sometimes referred to as the crisper bin. It is sold individually. It is made of clear plastic with a white plastic trim. It is used as a storage shelf for common refrigerator items, such as jars, bottles, cans, and condiments. When this part needs to be replaced it will be visually obvious. Over time, the plastic can sometimes crack or break due to the constant exposure to cold temperature and will need to be replaced. This is a very quick and easy repair that does not require any tools. You will simply lift up and out of place to remove, and slide the new bin onto the tabs, making sure it is level and secure before closing the refrigerator door.
Fixes these symptoms
  • Door won’t open or close
  • Ice maker won’t dispense ice
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Refrigerator Door Shelf Bin - White
Fix Number FIX11739091
Manufacturer Part Number WP2187172
This door bin is sold individually. Its dimensions are 18 inches wide, 4.5 inches high, by 7 inches deep.
Fixes these symptoms
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Gallon Door Bin - Clear
Fix Number FIX11757236
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10710203
The gallon door bin attaches to the inside of the refrigerator door and is typically used to hold jars and bottles within easy reach. These bins are clear, as the white version has been discontinued by the manufactured. As these are genuine OEM parts, the clear bins will still fit your fridge even though they may appear different from the original part. Regular wear and tear or excess weight can cause the bins to crack, and damaged bins should be replaced. The bin measures approximately 16 inches wide by 3-1/4 inches high.
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Crisper Drawer Cover Support
Fix Number FIX11743468
Manufacturer Part Number WP67001716
This crisper drawer cover support is also called a ladder hook, and it is used to support the lower crisper shelf in your refrigerator. If this hook breaks, the shelf will drop out of place and you will not be able to open your crisper drawers. To do this repair, you will need to remove the crisper drawers, the glass shelf, and the plastic shelf frame. To remove the old support, you can use a flat blade screwdriver to pop it free. The new support is then pushed into place and then pulled down until it locks. This support is an authentic OEM part that is white in color.
Fixes these symptoms
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Cantilever Bin
Fix Number FIX11750465
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10212139
This cantilever bin is found on the inside of the refrigerator door and is used to hold various jars and bottles. Regular wear or excess weight could cause damage to the bins, and they should be replaced. Swapping out the new bin is a very easy job and does not require any tools. These bins are authentic OEM parts for your fridge and are sold individually.
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Refrigerator Slide-Out Shelf with Glass
Fix Number FIX11751713
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10276348
This is a genuine OEM replacement slide out shelf with glass for your refrigerator. The plastic frame and glass are only sold together and are not available separately. This is a standalone shelf and does not come with a drawer. Installing a new shelf is an easy repair and should not require any tools.
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Refrigerator Shelf Frame with Glass
Fix Number FIX11751711
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10276341
This genuine OEM shelf for your refrigerator includes both the white plastic frame, and the glass insert. These pieces are only available as a set and are not sold individually. The white plastic frame features the glides that hold the crisper drawer underneath. If any component of the shelf has become damaged, it should be replaced. The shelf measures approximately 18 inches wide and 18.5 inches deep. No tools should be required to replace this part, simply remove the bottom crisper pan, and then pull the damaged shelf out and slide the new shelf into place.
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Meat Drawer Shelf
Fix Number FIX11731608
Manufacturer Part Number W10861519
This genuine OEM part is the plastic frame for the meat drawer shelf in your refrigerator. The glass insert is not included with this part but can be purchased separately. This shelf frame is the piece that your crisper drawer sits underneath. If the frame has become cracked or damaged it should be replaced so that it can continue to hold items in your fridge. Excess weight on the shelf or in the drawer can cause the frame to crack, so please be mindful of this to avoid damaging your replacement part.
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Door Bin
Fix Number FIX11750660
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10224961
This bin can be moved according to space needed. It holds items on the door of your refrigerator. They are sometimes called Cantilever Shelves as they are supported by the back of the door of your refrigerator. Sold individually.
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Glass Shelf
Fix Number FIX12347522
Manufacturer Part Number W11130203
This shelf is for freezers. The shelf provides storage space inside the freezer. This glass shelf measures 11.69" X 9.88". Sold individually.

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