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Microwave Door Interlock Switch
Fix Number FIX2361111
Manufacturer Part Number W10269458
The microwave door interlock switch prevents the microwave from starting if the door is open. If your microwave will not start when the door is closed, or it continues running if the door is opened, the door switch may need to be replaced. This microwave door interlock switch is a genuine OEM replacement part. We recommend that this part be installed by a qualified service technician. This is due to the testing the switch requires after installation, along with the potentially dangerous amount of charge the microwave capacitor can hold.
Fixes these symptoms
  • Doesn’t shut off
  • Door not closing properly
  • No heat
  • See more...
Special Order
Inner Glass
Fix Number FIX1765366
Manufacturer Part Number 318212210
Special Order
Interior Door Glass
Fix Number FIX978631
Manufacturer Part Number 318212200
In Stock
Outer Door Frame
Fix Number FIX389978
Manufacturer Part Number 8169573
Frame ONLY.
Fixes these symptoms
Special Order
Fix Number FIX3519593
Manufacturer Part Number 3536W1A012B
In Stock
Microwave Door Hinge Screw
Fix Number FIX12113432
Manufacturer Part Number W10565483
This screw is for microwaves. A qualified technician should install this part if it requires accessing internal components of the microwave or microwave door. High-voltage capacitors can retain a lethal electrical charge even when the microwave is unplugged, and door shielding components should be tested for leaks after all door repairs.
Special Order
Fix Number FIX3520498
Manufacturer Part Number 3552W1A032J
In Stock
Outer Frame Door Panel
Fix Number FIX1491486
Manufacturer Part Number W10116518
In Stock
Door Panel
Fix Number FIX389884
Manufacturer Part Number 8169464
In Stock
Outer Door Frame - White
Fix Number FIX389977
Manufacturer Part Number 8169572
Exterior frame only. Handle not included. This is NOT the complete door assembly.

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