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Holder,Cook Auxiliary
Fix Number FIX3524335
Manufacturer Part Number 4930W1A069A
In Stock
Mounting Bracket
Fix Number FIX993093
Manufacturer Part Number 8206334
This individual microwave mounting bracket attaches the vent grill to the cabinet. Most times, these are sold with the vent grill assembly.
In Stock
Fix Number FIX3518617
Manufacturer Part Number 3300W0A030A
In Stock
Fix Number FIX978753
Manufacturer Part Number 318246702
In Stock
Mounting Plate
Fix Number FIX11745297
Manufacturer Part Number WP8206174
This part is used to mount your microwave to the wall.
Special Order
Fix Number FIX1992194
Manufacturer Part Number 318256201
Special Order
Fix Number FIX1765398
Manufacturer Part Number 318382301
Mounting Plate
Fix Number FIX1021820
Manufacturer Part Number WB56X10669
This mounting plate, also known as a bracket, is crucial for keeping your microwave mounted to the wall, when placed above the stove. This OEM part is sold separately from the screws that are needed to hold it in place. You will need a screwdriver in order to secure the mounting bracket into place.
Microwave Mounting Plate
Fix Number FIX2339928
Manufacturer Part Number WB56X10862
This plate mounts the microwave under the cabinet.
Bracket,element ,hidden bake
Fix Number FIX1147937
Manufacturer Part Number 318318600

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