How To Fix A Snow Blower That Will Not Blow Snow

How To Repair A Snow Blower That Does Not Blow Snow

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If your single stage snow blower will not blow snow, or is not performing as well as usual, the paddles that throw the snow may be worn. These paddles wear over time, limiting their ability to pick up all of the snow that the unit moves over. The paddles can also break or snap, in which case they will not blow any snow at all. Inspect the paddles at the bottom of the machine. Look for any obvious signs or wear or breakage. Some models have indicator holes in them that let you know when the paddle needs replacement. If the paddles are worn down (most paddles only wear about ½” from new to worn out) or are broken in any way, they should be replaced. These paddles wear from regular use and will eventually need to be replaced. Blowing snow from coarse surfaces such as asphalt or rough, worn concrete will greatly increase paddle wear.

Drive Belt

If the drive belt that drives the auger system becomes loose or breaks, the snow blower will no longer be able to blow snow. To inspect the drive belt, remove the belt cover and look for any signs of a missing or damaged drive belt. All belts wear over time and will need to be replaced eventually. In some cases, the belt is loose and just needs to be adjusted to ensure it is making proper contact and driving the auger system with enough force to move the snow. A loose drive belt can cause the machine to emit the scent of melted rubber, as the friction of the pulleys rotating over a loose drive belt will heat the belt and melt it. A loose drive belt can be adjusted by adjusting the pulley that the belt sits on. The belt should sit on the pulleys and stay fairly firm. It should not have enough room to slip off or move around. If an adjustment is required, refer to your user manual for more specific information on how to adjust the drive belt on your particular model of snow blower.

Auger Cable

The auger cable is very similar to the engagement cable, except that the engagement cable engages the drive system, while the auger cable engages the auger system. If your snow blower will not blow snow, the auger cable may be out of adjustment, meaning that the augers may not be turning even though the cable is engaged. The cable should be fairly tight without much slack. If the auger system is blowing snow, but seems more weak than usual, the cable may just need to be tightened to ensure that the system the drives the augers is making a strong connection and moving the augers with as much power as usual. This cable can wear or come out of adjustment over time, and will likely need to be adjusted and eventually replaced from regular use.

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