How To Repair Snow Blower Electric Starter

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Starter Switch or Motor

If your snow blower electric starter does not respond when the starter switch is engaged, the switch or motor may be broken. If you press the starter switch and nothing happens at all, first check the power cord that connects to the starter to make sure the starter is receiving sufficient power. If the cord is plugged in and not frayed or broken, there is likely a problem with the starter switch or motor itself. You can remove the switch and motor by unscrewing them from their attachments to the frame. Once removed, take the cover off of the motor and inspect it for damage. If there are any signs of burning or melting wires, the motor is burnt out and will need to be replaced. If the motor seems to be in good condition, the starter switch is likely failing. Starter motors can overheat and become burnt out if the switch is held for too long when the engine will not turn over (forcing the motor to run continuously for over 60 seconds).

Starter Gear or Flywheel Gear

If your snow blower's starter motor and switch work, but the engine is not being engaged when you hit the starter switch, there is likely an issue with the connection between the starter gear and flywheel gear. The starter gear connects the electric starter motor to the flywheel gear with teeth that force it to rotate the flywheel when the starter is engaged. It is possible for the starter motor to come loose and wobble when the gear rotates, causing damage to the teeth on both the starter and flywheel gear. Check the starter gear, located on the side of the starter motor, for signs of damage. If the starter or flywheel gear teeth are worn or broken, the damaged gear will need to be replaced. If the teeth on each gear look to be intact, they are likely just loose and need to be adjusted or re-aligned to make a strong connection.

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