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How To Repair Snow Blower Drive System

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A broken belt may be the cause if your snow blower drive system fails to work. Self-propelled snow blowers rely on a belt drive system to turn the wheels. It is normal for belts to wear out over time and break, causing the drive system to fail. Remove the belt cover to inspect the belts for damage. If one of the belts under the cover has snapped or slipped off of its pulley, it will need to be replaced and reinstalled. If all of the belts seem to be connected and are sitting in their proper place, the proper may be caused by another part, such as the engagement cable.

Engagement Cable

A loose or damaged engagement cable could cause your snow blower's drive system to fail. The engagement cable functions like a clutch; when the drive handle is engaged, the engagement cable tightens the drive belt or raises the spinning friction disc inside of the drive housing, forcing it to make contact with the drive shaft that rotates the wheels. If the cable is broken, dmaged, or has come loose, it will need to be repaired or replaced. Sometimes the engagement cable simply needs to be readjusted to the right tension in order to work properly. If there is a lot of slack on the engagement cable line, try tightening it at the end that connects into the engine. The cable should be fairly tight so when it is in use, it has the proper tension to engage the drive system. If after adjusting or replacing the cable, the drive system still fails, check for issues with the drive belt.

Friction Disc

Some snow blowers that are equipped with a drive system employ a friction disc to rotate the wheels. The friction disc sits flat at the bottom of the snow blower housing, between the wheels. When the drive handle is pulled down, the engagement cable tightens and raises the friction disc up slightly, causing it to engage the drive system and rotate the wheels. The friction disc is spun by a belt. If this belt breaks, it will need to be replaced. If the belt is in working order, ensure that the friction disc is making proper contact with the drive system. The friction disc is coated with rubber. Over time the rubber will wear away and the friction disc will slip with metal on metal contact. The engagement cable should be adjusted so the disc makes strong contact with the drive system. If this mechanism comes out of alignment and the disc does not engage the drive system, the wheels will not turn at all.

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