How To Fix Excess Vibration– Edger Repair
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How To Repair Edger With Excess Vibration

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Stop using your edger if it begins to vibrate excessively. This usually means that the blade is damaged or out of balance, and it could be dangerous or damaging to the edger to keep using it. The blade is most likely either damaged or worn down, causing it to spin unevenly. You can test your edger blade to check its balance by removing it and hanging it on a wall with a nail through the centre hole. If the blade is off-balance, the heavier side of the blade will drop lower than the lighter side. A balanced blade will not have a heavier side and should balance itself relatively well on the nail. Replace the blade if the test shows it to be off-balance, to keep it from causing damage to the blade shaft and blade shaft bearings.

Spindle Bearings

Another cause for excessive vibration during the operation of an edger is if the spindle bearings break or seize. This bearing supports the blade shaft and allows it to rotate. It requires lubrication to be able to rotate smoothly. If the bearing seal breaks and moisture is able to seep in, or if the bearing breaks due to wear, the machine may vibrate excessively while it is running. This can be dangerous if not addressed immediately. If you believe your blade or spindle bearing has been damaged and it is causing excessive vibration while operating the edger, discontinue use immediately and inspect the blade and bearing for damage. The machine should not be used until this issue is fixed.


If your edger is a walk behind model and employs a drive belt to turn the blade, excessive vibration may be caused if the drive belt is loose. The belt rotates to power the blade. If the belt is not snug on its pulleys, it can wobble and move around which causes uneven weight distribution and excessive vibration. Again, if you experience vibrations that are out of the ordinary while operating your edger, stop the engine and inspect the machine immediately until the issue has been identified and fixed. In this case, a loose belt will need to be tightened until it is properly fastened and will not longer wobble while the engine is running.


A stick-model edger employs a drive cable as opposed to a belt to power the edger blade. If this cable becomes damaged or loose inside of the shaft, it may cause the edger to vibrate excessively while running. To inspect the cable, the engine will have to be removed from the shaft to expose the cable. If the cable does not fit snugly at both ends (the engine, and edger blade ends) it should be replaced completely.

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