How To Fix Edger Head That Will Not Spin – Edger Repair
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How To Repair Edger When Head Will Not Turn

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If the blade on your belt-powered edger is receiving no power even though the engine is functioning properly, the belt is likely broken. Remove the belt cover to expose the belt. If the belt is damaged or has snapped, it should be replaced. The edger relies on the belt to transfer energy from the engine to power the blade. Refer to your owner manual for replacement part information if a new belt is required.

Cable or Shaft

If the blade on your stick-type edger will not turn, disassemble the unit to expose the drive cable and check for damage. If the cable has snapped or if either of its ends do not fit snugly into their attachments at either end of the edger, the cable should be replaced. The cable transfers energy from the engine to spin the blade at the other end of the unit. Refer to your owner manual for replacement part information is a new drive cable or shaft is required.


If your stick-type edger employs a gearbox and the blade will not spin and the drive cable is intact and properly connected, the gearbox may be jammed or damaged. The gearbox transfers the spinning motion of the drive cable to power the blade. A gearbox may become clogged with dirt or other debris or seize due to lack of lubrication. A seized or jammed gearbox will likely need to be replaced, unless it can be disassembled, unclogged and properly lubricated before being reassembled. If a new gearbox is required, refer to your owner manual for replacement part information.

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