How To Repair A Chainsaw That Will Not Cut

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If your saw is not cutting properly unless it is forced, or is cutting wood into fine saw dust, the chain is likely dull and in need of sharpening or replacement. A dull chain can cause unnecessary wear to the engine, clutch and various other components in the chainsaw due to the saw having to work harder to compromise for the dullness of the chain. A dull chainsaw blade will have to be sharpened one tooth at a time with a file. Make sure to file away any gouges or chips in any of the blade teeth. The chain should always be kept sharp and ideally should be sharpened on a regular basis. Once the teeth become worn down, or if there is any damage to the chain, it should be replaced altogether. Another reason the chain may not cut is if the blade is installed backwards, meaning that the sharp teeth on the chain are not facing in the right direction and will not be able to chip away at the wood you are attempting to cut. Chainsaw blades rotate in a clockwise direction, so the teeth on top of the bar should be facing out, to the right (away from the engine). Smoking or burning wood and excessive chain rattle without any cutting are all strong signs that the chain is mounted backwards. If this is the case, discontinue use of the chainsaw immediately until the chain is reinstalled the correct way.

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