How To Fix Cutters That Will Not Stop Running – Auger Repair
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How To Repair An Auger When Cutters Will Not Stop Running

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If the auger will not stop turning when the engine is left to idle, there may be an issue with your clutch sticking. The clutch is calibrated to engage the driveshaft and start powering the auger when the drive shaft reaches a certain rotational speed, and to disengage when the rotation falls below that speed. If the springs on the clutch are worn the clutch may not disengage when the drive shaft slows its rotation. This can cause the clutch to keep powering the auger, even when the engine is not revving at a high speed. If you are experiencing this issue, stop the machine and disassemble the engine to expose the clutch. Inspect the clutch and springs to ensure that they are able to engage and disengage as they should. If they are not functioning properly, the clutch should be repaired or replaced.


If your auger keeps turning when the engine is idling, the carburetor may need to be adjusted. The clutch controls the movement of the auger by engaging them when the engine has reached a set speed. If the carburetor is adjusted too high, the engines idle speed may be too fast which will stop the clutch from disengaging, causing the auger to continuously turn. Refer to your user manual for specific instructions on how to perform this type of adjustment. Keep in mind that EPA law now requires that all carburetor adjustments be made by a trained professional.

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