How To Repair A Refrigerator Light That's Not Working

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Light Bulb or Lamp

Remove the light bulb and look to see if the filament is broken. Or check it for continuity with a multi-meter. When in doubt, try a new bulb.

Light Sockets

When the bulb is good but the light is still not working, unplug the fridge and check the light socket next. Make sure the terminals aren’t damaged or discolored.

Door Light Switch

Your fridge knows to turn on the light because the door switch is released when you open the door. This little switch is near the top of the door, inside the fresh food compartment, usually mounted in the plastic liner of the interior. If it is stuck, unplug the fridge and carefully remove the part of the liner that it’s housed in. You can do a continuity check with a multi-meter: the continuity should happen when the switch is up, and no continuity should be there when the switch is down. There ought to be a spring inside the switch to make it pop open when the door’s opened. It’s time for a new switch if yours isn’t working in this way.

Light Bulb & Ice Dispenser

If the light on your ice and water dispenser isn’t working, you might just need a new bulb. This light is meant to be used only briefly, so if yours has been overused, it could be that the components of it have become damaged. Unplug the fridge and check the socket terminals for damage or discoloration, verify the continuity of the on/off switch, and, finally, inspect the control plate for damage or wear.

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