How To Repair A Refrigerator That's Getting Too Warm

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Air Inlet Damper or Baffle

The part of your fridge that is responsible for balancing air flow from the housing of the evaporator fan has a few names: diffuser, air damper, or baffle. On most refrigerators, it’s located where the chilled air comes into the food-holding part of the fridge, and it looks like louvered blinds. The air inlet damper doesn’t have an “off” setting on its knob, which distinguishes it from the cold control. You should be able to open and close it easily using the knob. But if it is stuck closed, insufficient cold air will come into the fridge and it will be too warm. The air inlet damper or baffle is housed in Styrofoam-lined plastic. On some fridges, air leakage is kept down via a foam seal – which can be rigid – so avoid breaking that when you jiggle the knob to see if it opens. Replace the air inlet damper if it’s stuck or doesn’t open the whole way. If there is an automatic temperature-sensing bulb attached, ensure it’s positioned correctly to measure the temperature inside the fridge and do its job adjusting the control.

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