How To Repair A Noisy Dishwasher

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The noise from your dishwasher could be originating from the pump. Located at the base of the dishwasher interior, the pump gives pressure to the water going to the spray arms, and in some dishwashers it also pumps the dirty water away. There is a section that pumps and circulates water for washing. This wash compartment has an impeller and a filter. Then on most models there is a section of the pump for draining, with its own impeller, a chopper blade and sometimes a diverter run by a solenoid. Both the wash impeller and the drain impeller run off an electric motor situated on the pump’s side or bottom.

Wash Arm Bearing Ring & Spray Arm Seal

One of the simpler causes of dishwasher noise is a loose or worn seal or bearing on the wash arm. Take a look at the plastic rings holding up the wash arm and forming the center it rotates on: if they are worn or loose, replace them.

Spray Arms

Sometimes the noise in the dishwasher is the sound of a wobbly spray arm hitting the dishes or the dishrack. Try spinning the arm yourself to make sure it rotates evenly. It could be you need a new arm because the center hub has become deteriorated.

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