How To Repair A Dehumidifier That Keeps Shutting Off

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If your dehumidifier won’t stay running, then the problem may be with the humidity sensor. Most electronic control models will use a sensor to monitor the relative humidity which then relays that information to the electronic control board. The control board then uses this information to power the compressor and fan motor circuits when required. If the sensor is defective it may not correctly measure the relative humidity and therefore may turn the unit off before the set level is reached. Some models may also incorporate a thermistor in the sensor harness that monitors the evaporator temperature as well. A defective thermistor may cause the unit to shut down prematurely as well. Check the harness connections to the control board before condemning the sensor.

Humidity Control or Humidistat

If your dehumidifier won’t stay running or shuts off too soon, the problem may be with the humidity control or humidistat. The humidistat monitors the relative humidity in the air and then supplies power to the compressor circuit when the humidity level exceeds the user’s set point. If the control does not sense the relative humidity correctly then it may shut the compressor off prematurely. It is difficult to test the control unless you have a hygrometer to accurately measure the relative humidity of the room. If you have to adjust the control to a setting lower than normal to keep it running and the relative humidity of the room is consistent, then you may have a defective humidistat.

Other Parts

If your dehumidifier won’t stay running, then the problem may be that the controls are incorrectly detecting that the bucket is full, and turning the unit off prematurely. Check the repair content for the symptom of “Bucket is full light is on when bucket is empty” to determine what the problem might be.

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