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Fix Number FIX10375821
Manufacturer Part Number 100025A
This manufacturer-approved tire is for band saws. Tire covers the wheel on which the blade rotates. The tire is a tight fit; stretch it around the wheel. Unplug the saw before installing this part. Wear work gloves to protect your hands.
Installation Instructions
Thomas from GROESBECK, TX
Tires were 14 years old and were getting rough
Step 1: Unplug band saw
Step 2: Remove Blade
Step 3: Use awl to pry up one edge of old tire, hold it up with your thumb and push the awl the rest of the way through, and pry the old tire off. (be careful not to mare the aluminum wheel with the awl.)
Step 4: Clamp the tire in one spot to the wheel, insert the tire until it will not go on anymore, clamp it at the point, work the tire on with both hands from that point until it is on the wheel, remove clamps, and seat the tire on the wheel. (use clamps that have padded covers where they touch the wheel, again making sure not the mare the wheel.
Step 5: Repeat Steps 3 and 4 for the other wheel.
Step 6: Re-install blade and set tracking and make coplanar adjustments. (hand rotate while setting tracking)
Step 7: Plug the band saw in
Step 8: Start the band saw and make sure it runs true. (It will run quieter as well)
Step 9: Have a nice day.
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Ball Bearing
Fix Number FIX10463888
Manufacturer Part Number BB-6203ZZ
This ball bearing is 17 mm and fits a variety of gardening power tools. The ball bearing has two contact rubber seals on each side and two non-contact metal shields on each end as well. Tip: if your tools needs only one seal or shield, then take off one of the shields or seals from this ball bearing. Refer to the manual provided by the manufacturer for further installation instructions and a detailed diagram.
Installation Instructions
Adam from FREMONT, NE
Saw was making loud screeching noise and unsatisfactory cuts
1: disconnect power and remove blade
2: remove spanner nut
3: remove arbor nut. Spins opposite:
righty loosy lefty tighty
4: remove arbor with mallet and dowel
5: use arbor press to take off ball bearing
6: press on new bearing
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Fix Number FIX10391908
Manufacturer Part Number JWBS18DX-133
This genuine OEM supplied component is specially made for use with Jet and Powermatic band saws. Its purpose is to help track the blade on the wheel. Unfortunately, over time the material will wear out and it may begin to crack eventually requiring a replacement to ensure best performance. Keep in mind this high-quality tire is made of durable rubber and is sold individually. Please make sure to refer to the owners manual of your model for the correct application of this part.
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Ball Bearing
Fix Number FIX10463886
Manufacturer Part Number BB-6202ZZ
This is an authentic OEM replacement part for certain models of Jet, Powermatic, and Wilton tools that is sourced from the manufacturer. To ensure that this will fit your tool, please see the "Model Cross Reference List" below. This part has an outer diameter of 1.5", and metal shielding on both sides. The bearing is used to reduce friction between two rotating parts. It keeps wear on the equipment to a minimum, and helps the mechanics run efficiently. Depending on how often you use your tool, your bearings will need routine replacement due to continual pressure on them. Signs of broken or failing Ball Bearings include squealing, screeching, or grinding noise when powering the device off. Each is sold individually.
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Ball Bearing
Fix Number FIX10463892
Manufacturer Part Number BB-6204ZZ
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Collection Bag (DC-1200 A/RC only)
Fix Number FIX10463367
Manufacturer Part Number 708699A
It is an authentic manufacturer approved replacement bag used with Powermatic and Jet dust collection systems. This is the main bag that collects the material, make sure to frequently empty it out to ensure proper suction. It is made from high quality fabric material and it is sold individually.
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Snap Ring
Fix Number FIX10458281
Manufacturer Part Number 331038
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Fix Number FIX10465206
Manufacturer Part Number JWBS18-434
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Spring Cap Assembly
Fix Number FIX10465183
Manufacturer Part Number JDP17DX-078
This is a genuine OEM replacement part for select Jet and Powermatic Drill Presses. For full compatibility, please see the "Model Cross Reference List" below. This assembly is made out of metal and includes the Cap, Coil Spring, and Spring Retainer Ring. The primary purpose of this part is to allow the drill bit to be moved up and down by providing spring-loaded tension to bring the shaft to its original position. If your assembly vibrates during operation, or will not return to its original position, it likely is time to replace the Spring Cap. Each kit is sold individually.
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Knife Inserts (set of 10)
Fix Number FIX10457034
Manufacturer Part Number 1791212
The knife inserts attach to the cutterhead. This item is sold as a set of ten, but keep in mind that more might be needed. These are genuine Powermatic and Jet replacement parts used in compatible jointers and planers. They are made of metal and are sharpened on four of the sides. If they become broken or dull they will need to be replaced.

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