Jet Band Saw Ball Bearing BB-6202ZZ |

Ball Bearing

Ball Bearing – Part Number: BB-6202ZZ
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Part Description:
This is a ball bearing, and it is used on various lawn equipment and power tools. This part has an outer diameter of 1.5 inches, and metal shielding on both sides. The bearing is used to reduce friction between two rotating parts. It keeps wear on the equipment to a minimum, and helps the mechanics run efficiently. Depending on how often you use your tool, your bearings will need routine replacement due to continual pressure on them.
This part works with the following brands:
This part works with the following products:
Band Saw, Planer Jointer, Drill Press, Sander Polisher.

Model Cross Reference List

This part works with the following models:

Fix Number: FIX10463886
Manufacturer Part Number: BB-6202ZZ

Brand Model Number Description
Powermatic2800Drill Press - 18-inch Variable Speed Drill Press
Wilton4002Sander Polisher - 8-Inch Disc Sander
Wilton4200ASander Polisher - Belt and Disc Sander
Wilton4300ASander Polisher - Belt Sander
Powermatic54APlaner Jointer - 6 in. Quick-Set Knives Jointer
JetAG-4.5SAngle Grinder - 4-1/2" Governed Disc Grinder
JetAG-4SAngle Grinder - 4" Angle Grinder
JetAH-100C-10Hoist & Winch - Air Hoist
JetAH-25C-10Hoist & Winch - Air Hoist
JetAH-50C-10Hoist & Winch - Air Hoist
JetBD-920WLathe - 9 x 20-Inch Belt Drive Bench Lathe
JetGHD-20Drill Press - Gear Head Drill / Tap
JetGHD-20PFDrill Press - Gear Head Drill / Tap
JetGHD-20PFTDrill Press - Geared Head Drilling/Tapping Press
JetGHD-20TDrill Press - Gear Head Drill / Tap
JetHBS-56SBand Saw - Horizontal Bandsaw
JetHBS-814GHBand Saw - Geared Head Horizontal Bandsaw
JetHVBS-463Band Saw - Bandsaw
JetHVBS-56MBand Saw - Horizontal / Vertical Bandsaw
JetJ-4002Sander Polisher - Disc/Belt Sander
JetJ-41002Sander Polisher - Disc/Belt Sander
JetJ-4200ASander Polisher - 12 In. Disc Sander
JetJ-4200A-2Sander Polisher - Disc/Belt Sander
JetJ-4202ASander Polisher - Disc/Belt Sander
JetJ-4300ASander Polisher - Belt Sander
JetJ-4301ASander Polisher - Belt Sander
JetJ-8201KBand Saw - 14 Inch Vertical Band Saw
JetJ-8201VSBand Saw - 14 Inch Vertical Band Saw
JetJ-8203Band Saw - 14 Inch Vertical Band Saw
JetJ-8203VSBand Saw - 14 Inch Vertical Band Saw