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Fuel Filter
Fix Number FIX11826311
Manufacturer Part Number A369000480
This is a single OEM fuel filter that has been approved by the manufacturer, ensuring the highest quality. It is compatible with numerous types of outdoor power equipment, such as blowers, trimmers, edgers, chainsaws, etc. This is a very important maintenance part that should be replaced on a regular schedule. Its purpose is to remove contaminants that could clog up the carburetor, which should also be regularly inspected. For this simple repair, slide the new fuel filter onto the fuel line and use a screwdriver to place the clamp tightly over the nipple.
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Fuel Filter
Fix Number FIX11836543
Manufacturer Part Number A369000440
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Primer Pump
Fix Number FIX8858167
Manufacturer Part Number 12318140630
This is a primer pump or primer bulb, and it is used on various outdoor lawn equipment. This part has an outer diameter of 0.616 inches, it is dome shaped, and transparent. The primer pump gives the engine of your machine a faster start by pulling fuel into the carburetor. If your pump is malfunctioning your machine will not receive the fuel it needs to operate properly. If you notice the primer pump is leaking you must replace it, as it could become dangerous.
Installation Instructions
Steve from Hilliard, OH
Replaced fuel line, primer,filter and hoes
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Carbon Brush (Sold Individually)
Fix Number FIX9937696
Manufacturer Part Number 30711129009
This is a carbon brush, sold individually. It is advisable to replace both carbon brushes at the same time, meaning you will need to order two, even if only one is worn. If the motor of your tool is running less than perfect, it is likely a case of worn brushes that require replacement. When doing this repair, this is an opportune time to also do a quick check of the condition of the armature.
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Fix Number FIX10053748
Manufacturer Part Number V490001230
This is a clip for a variety of lawn and garden equipment. The clip is made of a durable metal, and is 6.5mm in diameter. This part is most commonly used to clamp tubes and hoses in place. The clip is sold individually.
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Fix Number FIX9997616
Manufacturer Part Number 692512002
This is a round metal sleeve with an approximate diameter of 3/4-inches, with a beveled centre with a 1/4-inch bore. It is sold individually, and sourced directly from the original manufacturer. The sleeve is part of the clamp assembly and is used to secure accessories to the tool.
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Allen Key
Fix Number FIX10165009
Manufacturer Part Number 62907037003
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Adapter Blade
Fix Number FIX9997610
Manufacturer Part Number 692496002
This is a single adaptor blade, sold individually. The blade adapter keeps the blade steady in the proper position while the tool is being used, and also makes it possible to use accessories from other manufacturers. When using these accessories, you will install the adaptor first, and then the chosen accessory. Depending on the manufacturer, you will install the adaptor with either the B facing out or the D facing out. You will need to consult the user manual to know which side is correct for your specific tool.
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Carbon Brush Set
Fix Number FIX10156641
Manufacturer Part Number CB154
This motor brush set is for power tools. Motor brush set transfers electric current to the spinning armature in the motor. The set includes both motor brushes.
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Fuel Tank Vent
Fix Number FIX9183121
Manufacturer Part Number A356000031
This check valve or the fuel tank vent is connected to the fuel tank in the following products: hedge trimmer, leaf blower/vacuum, chainsaw, edger, engine, tiler, auger, water pump, chipper shredder, sprayer, and brush cutter. The check valve allows air into the fuel tank to prevent vacuum when the fuel is being fed through the fuel line. Tip: if the vent is clogged, your engine may stall. Usually, the vent line is connected to a fuel grommet that is installed on the fuel tank. The tools needed for this installation are: needle-nose pliers and a small slotted screwdriver. Remember to wear work gloves to protect hands. Refer to the manual for an accurate repair guide.


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