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Fix Number FIX10206343
Manufacturer Part Number 2615294309
This is an authentic OEM part that has been sourced directly from Craftsman. This coupling, also known as the clutch, is made for Craftsman multi-tools. The main sign your coupling is broken or worn down is that you will hear noise coming from the motor but the armature will not spin. This is because the coupling is used to attach the armature to the drive shaft. If the tool is left unused for a period of time the coupling may become brittle and break. In order to access and replace this part you will need to remove the six screws that hold the casing together, to do that you will need a torx screwdriver. To avoid accidental start-ups unplug your multi-tool before you begin this repair.
Installation Instructions
Stelford from BROOKLYN, NY
Armature not coupling with output shaft
Removed housing cap, removed 6 screws then separate housing then installed flex coupling between Armature and output shaft assembly. Then replaced, housing set, screws and housing cap Read more...
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Fix Number FIX10206324
Manufacturer Part Number 2615000480
This is an authentic OEM part that has been sourced directly from Craftsman. The collet is 1/8 of an inch in diameter and is made for multi-tools. A collet is a small piece of aluminum tube that forms a collar around the bits/accessories and holds them onto the tool, they provide the grip required to get the job done. It is important this part is in working order, if it is loose or damaged the bits may not stay in place while you are operating your tool, which is a safety concern. Before starting any repair on your multi-tool make sure it is unplugged.
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Fix Number FIX10227430
Manufacturer Part Number 90930-05
This is an genuine OEM part that has been sourced directly from Craftsman. This is a set of two carbon brushes that comes with two metal springs. These carbon brushes are made for multi-tools, and sander polishers. The brushes transfer electric current to the spinning armature in the motor. Due to the heat and friction inside the motor these brushes wear down over time and need to be replaced. We recommend both brushes are replaced at the same time, even if only one is worn out. When replacing simply remove the bush caps, take out the old brushes, put in brushes in place and secure with brush caps. You will need a screwdriver to successfully replace these parts. Before beginning any repair on a power tool make sure you have disconnected it from the power source.
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Fix Number FIX10206337
Manufacturer Part Number 2615294041
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Collet Nut
Fix Number FIX10206412
Manufacturer Part Number 2615660113
In Stock
Caps Pair
Fix Number FIX10206389
Manufacturer Part Number 2615302217
This is an genuine OEM part that has been sourced directly from Craftsman. Brush caps are mounted on the outside of the brush holders. This cap secures the carbon brush, keeps it in place, while also allowing you to easily access the part for replacement. When carbon brushes wear out they can cause motor malfunction, which is why you need a way to be able to access the carbon brushes. The carbon brush caps are located at the rear of the motor, and there is one on each side. The caps simply screw into place. The carbon brush caps are made of plastic, and are sold in a pair. You will need a screwdriver for installation. Before installing this replacement part be sure to unplug your power tool.
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Fix Number FIX10206372
Manufacturer Part Number 2615297356
This is an genuine OEM part that has been sourced directly from Craftsman. The lock pin is located on the front of the tool, you press down on the lock pin to lock the shaft while you are changing out the bits. The lock pin and lock pin spring are located inside the housing of the tool, so you will need a screwdriver to complete this repair. When you are installing the new parts be sure to first place the lock pin inside the housing, followed by the spring. The lock pin and the lock pin spring are both made of metal. Before starting this repair unplug your tool.
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Fix Number FIX10206106
Manufacturer Part Number 2610912780
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Door Brush
Fix Number FIX10206225
Manufacturer Part Number 2610921563
Special Order
Field Assembly
Fix Number FIX10206064
Manufacturer Part Number 2610907324

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