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Primer Bulb Replacement
Fix Number FIX9970593
Manufacturer Part Number 530071835
This part includes one primer bulb and two screws. These OEM parts are designed for gas chainsaws. The purge bulb is prone to cracking and breaking over time due to its constant contact with fuel. For this repair, start by removing the broken primer bulb from the unit, disconnect fuel lines and short the fuel line from the carburetor and long fuel line from the fuel tank. Next, connect the fuel lines to the new primer bulb and fit the fuel lines onto the fittings. Install the new primer bulb and secure it with the two screws.
Special Order
Gasket Repair Kit
Fix Number FIX9970360
Manufacturer Part Number 530069844
In Stock
16 Chain
Fix Number FIX10024312
Manufacturer Part Number 91PX056G
Special Order
Carburetor Adapter
Fix Number FIX9969513
Manufacturer Part Number 530049700
Special Order
Piston Ring
Fix Number FIX9977284
Manufacturer Part Number 545160401
In Stock
Air Filter
Fix Number FIX9969948
Manufacturer Part Number 530057925
Special Order
Ignition Module
Fix Number FIX9969227
Manufacturer Part Number 530039198
In Stock
14 Chain
Fix Number FIX10024309
Manufacturer Part Number 91PX052G
In Stock
Carburetor Kit
Fix Number FIX9968775
Manufacturer Part Number 530035161
Special Order
Fix Number FIX9967147
Manufacturer Part Number 530014949

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