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This is a single fuel filter found in numerous types of lawn and garden equipment that have small engines. The fuel filter cleans the fuel before making its way to the carburetor, thus preventing buil...
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If your fuel line has become brittle and started to crack, this is the replacement part you will need. This OEM fuel line, also known as a tank purge line, is made from a flexible translucent rubber a...
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This is a fuel line for your lawn equipment. The line connects your fuel tank and carburetor. It delivers gas to the carburetor when needed. This part is made of clear, flexible rubber, and is 25 inch...
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This part includes one primer bulb and two screws. These OEM parts are designed for gas chainsaws. The purge bulb is prone to cracking and breaking over time due to its constant contact with fuel. For...
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This is an air filter for a chainsaw, sold individually. A clogged air filter lessons the life and performance of an engine and increases fuel consumption and toxic emissions. The air filter should be...
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Questions and Answers

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  • Customer:
  • Parts Used:
    530095646, 530069247
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  • Total Repair Time:
    More than 2 hours
  • Tools:
    Pliers, Screw drivers
installing fuel through fuel tank wall
To start, remove the plastic carburetor grill. DO NOT remove the carburetor. The fuel line has to be sliced down to fit through the tank hole and get it in far enough up into the tank to grab with needle nose pliers.( need long needle nose pliers which I didn't have) I placed about six inches of the plastic tubing in the jaws of vice so that half of the tube was squeezed in the vice jaws. I then used a razor blade to shave off the exposed tube. I slipped the shaved end of the tube up through the tank hole far enough to grab with long tweezers and pulled it up to where I could grab it in the tank with needle nose pliers. I put light lube oil on the remaining tubing and pulled it through. It takes a steady firm pull to pull it in. Install the filter and pull the tube back down into the tank. I also used a small diameter drill bit and with my fingers slightly reamed the tube ends to ease the tube over the filter and carburetor nipples. To prime the engine, spray starting fluid into the carburetor and start. Repeat until the engine will run on fuel. It took me hours to figure this out, but will take less than an hour with this method.
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