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Air Filter
Fix Number FIX963001
Manufacturer Part Number WP85X10008
This genuine OEM part is a replacement air filter for your air conditioner. The air filter is used to trap particles like dust and debris and prevent them from entering your home. The filter should be cleaned regularly so that your air conditioner continues to run efficiently. If the filter has become clogged, it can prevent the cold air from circulating throughout the room. The lack of circulation can also cause frost to form, which again can affect the efficiency of the unit. The filter measures approximately 14.5 inches by 10 inches and is beige in color. When cleaning or replacing the filter, it can be found behind the grille and in front of the evaporator.
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Air Filter
Fix Number FIX282882
Manufacturer Part Number WP85X2
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Air Filter
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Fix Number FIX279056
Manufacturer Part Number WJ85X10041
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Fix Number FIX12726998
Manufacturer Part Number WP26X24977
This user interface board is for room air conditioners. The user interface board processes the temperature and fan settings you choose. Shut off the house circuit breaker or unplug the room air conditioner before installing this part.
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Remote Control
Fix Number FIX11721820
Manufacturer Part Number WJ26X20522
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Fix Number FIX12723331
Manufacturer Part Number WP94X24985
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Fix Number FIX16542496
Manufacturer Part Number WE03X29897
This 89.5-inch drive belt is for dryers. It has a 4-rib design on the inside for a better grip. If comparing the size of your current belt to the new one, keep in mind that a small amount of stretching and contortion will occur over time, and this belt will fit despite small inaccuracies. You will find this part wrapped all the way around the dryer drum, around a tension pulley, and around the drive motor pulley. This allows the parts to work together to spin the drum as the motor rotates. A common symptom of a broken drive belt is a drum that will not turn. This part is prone to wear and tear over time and will likely stretch or become brittle, leading to complete breakage of the part. The drum cannot spin without a drive belt, so it needs to be replaced immediately. For this repair, we recommend wearing work gloves to protect your hands from sharp edges, disconnect the power, remove the main panel, and access the motor drive to secure the new belt in place.
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Installation Instructions
The dry was making a whining sound. Very loud.
I followed all the video on the website with all the parts I had purchased. Very easy. Just make sure you unplug the dryer first. Thank you, Read more...
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Control Cover with Logo
Fix Number FIX3487671
Manufacturer Part Number WP71X10033
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Control Knob
Fix Number FIX961417
Manufacturer Part Number WJ12X10072
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Fix Number FIX12298469
Manufacturer Part Number WP01X21826

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