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Washer Drain Hose
Fix Number FIX12578897
Manufacturer Part Number W11244231
The drain hose carries used water from the washer to your house drain.
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Water Inlet Hose
Fix Number FIX11741209
Manufacturer Part Number WP3357328
This part is the replacement water inlet hose for your washer. It is black in color, made of plastic, and is approximately 19 inches long. The water inlet hose connects the water inlet valve to the water fill nozzle. Over time the hose can become cracked and damaged, and this can cause it to leak. A damaged hose will need to be replaced. Be sure to disconnect the water supply to the washer before you begin this repair. You should also determine if any of the other parts that transport water into the washer are leaking, and if they need to be repaired as well. This part is sold individually and is a genuine OEM part.
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Washer Tub-to-Pump Hose
Fix Number FIX11765836
Manufacturer Part Number W10899966
The tub-to-pump hose carries the water from the tub to the drain pump. Unplug the washer and shut off the water supply before installing this part. Wear work gloves to protect your hands
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Tub-to-Pump Hose Kit
Fix Number FIX334685
Manufacturer Part Number 285871
This kit comes with the clamps.
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Drain Hose
Fix Number FIX11748248
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10096921
This drain hose is 42" long and includes the clamps.
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Break Hose
Fix Number FIX11745951
Manufacturer Part Number WP8317926
This hose goes from valve to inlet.
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Inlet Hose - 5 FT
Fix Number FIX11746820
Manufacturer Part Number WP89503
This hose can handle hot or cold water and is five feet long.
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Fix Number FIX11749880
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10189267
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Tub to Pump Hose
Fix Number FIX11738836
Manufacturer Part Number WP21001915
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Extension Hose
Fix Number FIX334681
Manufacturer Part Number 285863
This part is used to extend washing machine drain hose approximately 4 feet. You may also require the connector (Fix Number FIX334663) to connect the extension to the existing drain hose.
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