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Container Panel Front
Fix Number FIX11723074
Manufacturer Part Number W10813881
No longer available in Almond.
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Control Panel - Black
Fix Number FIX985200
Manufacturer Part Number 9872039B
This is an authentic OEM replacement part. This control board is commonly used with trash compactors. The control board is in place to control the main functions of your appliance. You use the controls to turn the appliance on and off, and to control the compacting cycle. This replacement part is black in color. The overly for the control board is sold separately. Before beginning repairs on your trash compactor make sure it is unplugged.
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Insert, Decorative (White)
Fix Number FIX985201
Manufacturer Part Number 9872017W
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Panel, Container Front (Black)
1 Review
Fix Number FIX11747569
Manufacturer Part Number WP9871311
Almond panel has been discontinued.
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Fix Number FIX2376974
Manufacturer Part Number W10242567
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Panel, Container Front (White)
Fix Number FIX11747568
Manufacturer Part Number WP9871309
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Escutcheon, Control (White)
Fix Number FIX985199
Manufacturer Part Number 9872039W
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Fix Number FIX10056857
Manufacturer Part Number W10646557
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Fix Number FIX2345496
Manufacturer Part Number 5304469101
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Fix Number FIX2345497
Manufacturer Part Number 5304469102