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Door Handle
Fix Number FIX427922
Manufacturer Part Number 218428101
This handle works on both the fridge and freezer door, and if yours has become damaged it should be replaced. This is a genuine OEM replacement part, and is sold individually. If you need to replace both handles, please be sure to order the correct quantity. This is an easy repair that requires the use of a Phillips screwdriver. If the old handle is still attached to the door, remove the two screws (located at the top of the fridge door, or bottom of the freezer door) and then slide the opposite end off of the single screw. When attaching the new handle, do this in the opposite order. Slide the keyhole in the handle onto the individual screw on the door, then line up the other end of the handle and insert the two screws to secure the handle to the door.
Fixes these symptoms
In Stock
Door Handle
Fix Number FIX2368270
Manufacturer Part Number 297311201
The screws and trims are NOT included with this handle.
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In Stock
Handle Mounting Block
Fix Number FIX427804
Manufacturer Part Number 218396700
Sold individually.
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In Stock
Door Handle
Fix Number FIX427930
Manufacturer Part Number 218428119
This door handle can be used for either the fridge of freezer section and does not come with mounting hardware or screws.
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Door Handle with Mounting Block
Fix Number FIX427931
Manufacturer Part Number 218428121
This gray door handle can be used on either the fridge or freezer side. It comes with the mounting block, but does not include the screws.
In Stock
Handle Trim - White
Fix Number FIX423913
Manufacturer Part Number 215870629
Please note that the Trim-Handle will ship only in WHITE. The manufacturer has discontinued the black Trim-Handle (Pictured).
In Stock
Door Handle
Fix Number FIX428422
Manufacturer Part Number 218668003
Can be used for either Refrigerator or Freezer door.
Special Order
Door Handle - White
Fix Number FIX2581606
Manufacturer Part Number 242059101
Screws NOT included.
Special Order
Door Handle
Fix Number FIX428425
Manufacturer Part Number 218668401
This handle does not come with screws.
Single Handle Trim
Fix Number FIX423907
Manufacturer Part Number 215870619
Trim piece sold individually. Order quantity required.

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